Our Story

IEST Senior school was founded in 2006 and IEST Junior school opened 4 years later in 2010.

Our present Principal, Ms. Gina Ericsson joined us in 2011 and in her own words expresses the school's journey so far: "I feel privileged to have been part of our wonderful journey over the last five years and I am really looking forward to continuing to develop our amazing school and the planned expansion starting 2016" 

IEST has 1120 students enrolled and 100 staff and is one of  the 10th largest free schools in Sweden. IEST has proven academic success and excellence shown over the last 10 years. Our students graduate with top grades and go to the Gymnasium of their choice. "The journey in learning for life is never complete and we will continue to strive for quality in all we do at IEST following the IES Ethos as our key to success. Our wonderful students, staff and parents write "our story" at IEST", says Ms. Gina Ericsson with a smile.