Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to our IEST website. We are a very popular, well-established and highly successful school with 1300 students and 130 staff.

Our striving for excellence and academic success over the last 15 years, is as all IES schools, due to our strong belief in the IES Ethos of Bilingualism, Tough Love and High Academic Expectations. As well as this, our school has its own qualities unique to IEST, as it is the IEST people: our wonderful students, supporting parents and outstanding and caring staff that make us who we are! IEST aims to be an Expert school in all we do. We never stop endeavoring to uphold the quality we believe in.

I would like to share with you my letter in the School Year Book to our year 9 students graduating this year as the Class of 2021. It tells you how our students are encouraged to "Dream bigger than the universe":


Dear Class of 2021

It is with a real sense of honour that I have been asked to write this letter for our 2020-21 Yearbook.  This has been an extraordinary year with the ever present concern of Covid-19.  However through this yearbook we have chosen to focus on the equally extraordinary achievements made by all our students and staff.  

We have chosen the theme ‘dream bigger than the universe’ which I feel sums up the opportunities that await our students.  The world we live in is constantly changing. New technologies are presented on an almost daily basis, new challenges arise that we all have the opportunity to be a part of the solutions to and the environmental concerns facing our planet may indeed require us to dream bigger than the universe in order to solve them.  

Whilst this year has been challenging, I am incredibly proud of the students and staff and what we have been able to achieve.  We have met the challenges of distance learning and not let this detract from our goals of high academic achievement. We have completed activities such as Dragons Den, the Leadership Programme and The Clash.  Lessons have been interesting, creative and educational and it is a constant source of inspiration for me seeing what is achieved each and every day. 

This yearbook is a panoramic documentation of many things we have achieved this year.  Through this book we hope to project the joy, creativity and enthusiasm the students experience each and every day as well as share a special focus on our Grade 9 students who are leaving us this year.  

To this year’s Grade 9, I would like to extend a special thank you for all your contributions to the school over the past 6 years.  I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and sincerely urge you to follow your dreams and be the best you can be.  

Finally, I would like to thank Ms Wartanian and the students that have worked so hard to put together this Yearbook.  This is part of what makes IEST so special and I hope you are all able to enjoy this as a treasured memory of this year.   

I wish you all a wonderful summer.

Mr Alastair Wither, Principal IEST