Welcome from the Principal

Ms. Gina Ericsson (IEST Principal)

Welcome to our IEST website. We are a very popular, well-established and highly successful school with 1120 students and 100 staff. Our striving for excellence and academic success over the last 10 years, is as all IES schools, due to our strong belief in the IES Ethos of Bilingualism, Tough Love and High Academic Expectations. As well as this, our school has its own qualities unique to IEST, as it is the IEST people: our wonderful students, supporting parents and outstanding and caring staff that make us who we are! IEST aims to be an Expert school in all we do. We never stop endeavoring to uphold the quality we believe in.

I would like to share with you my letter in the School Year Book to our year 9 students graduating this year as the Class of 2016. It tells you how together we stand strong at our school and in life.

“ Dear Students of the Class of 2016,

What an incredible Graduation Class we are celebrating this year! The Class of 2016 is the first year group to have started in year 4 and now you are graduating in year 9.

Congratulations on arriving at the end of your six year journey of learning for life at IEST. You may have been pioneers when you started in year 4 at junior school, but you have constantly amazed your teachers and parents with your excellence in both the English and Swedish languages.

I am proud to have been with you for 5 years of this journey and I know that you will have special memories of your classmates, teachers and times at IEST, many of which are found in your wonderful yearbook of 2016.

Together we stand strong in a plethora of ways at IEST: We have 4 Houses showing how we are one school with true school spirit and a sense of who we are and where we are going in life. Role models to follow and aspire to. Shakespeare, Curie, Lindgren and Da Vinci

Together we stand strong in our IES Ethos: We are excellent at English and truly a Bilingual school where we share the responsibility of creating a calm and safe learning environment where students can achieve their potential with a little help from the "Tough Love" of the teachers and staff.

Together we stand strong in our success in our school achievements, both academically and socially. We have high expectations and you achieve them. Tip top grades and excellent IGCSE results to come. Well done!

Together we stand strong in being engaged, talented and creative which are key elements displayed every day at our school and of which we are so proud of at IEST

Together we stand strong in Graduating as the Class of 2016. A fantastic year group of students who will be truly missed for many years to come! You will not be forgotten.

Together we stand strong as staff at IEST. We are confident that even though your IEST journey may be coming to an end in June 2016, you are now ready to take the next big important step on your journey of learning for life at the Gymnasium of your Choice!

A warm thank you to the students and staff who have helped to create such an amazing year book for 2016.

Class of 2016 please enjoy the yearbook and cherish with fondness all the wonderful memories which will flow back to you when you look back in the future!

Thank you for joining me on the journey in making IEST such a special school!

Good Luck everyone and remember together we stand strong in life. “

Carpe Diem

Ms. Gina Ericsson