Welcome to the new school year, we truly hope this one will be filled with much more activities and fun than last year!
Since we are still not able to meet you in person, we would like to tell you about the Parent Teacher Association at IEST.

Previous years we have arranged following activities
• Junior Disco for years 4-6
• Romme Ski trip - total of 16 buses drove from school to the slopes
• Dragons Den - a challenge to promote entrepreneurship for year 8’s
• Spirit Awards – We award students who do their best for the others in school
• Senior Prom for year 9 ..... And much more!!!

Participation in the activities, that are arranged by PTA, requires a membership, so make sure your child is in!
Membership fee is 100 SEK per child & year - can be swished to 12 36 58 05 59 or paid to PG 30 88 38-2.
Please mark the payment with your child’s name and class.

We hope to see you at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Thursday, September 30th, 18:00 at Senior School.

We are an independent organisation of parents who, in co-operation with the school, work towards the students interests and the improvement of the overall
school environment. We arrange activities, often outside of ordinary school hours to increase social interaction between students, create memorable moments and simply have fun!

We, of course, rely on your help! Unfortunately, many parents have left PTA last year as their children graduated from year 9. We are only a few left and are welcoming new members who can join in to make our children’s school time more exciting and memorable.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or thoughts.

Petra Edenfeldt - Chair of the Board - Tel: 070 864 08 58

Lena Möller - Secretary - Tel: 073 654 18 19

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