Together we make our children´s school years even more memorable!

Info från PTA (Föräldra- & lärarföreningen) på IES Täby

What we do for your child: We arrange fun activites for all students (grade 4-9) like; Romme Ski trip, discos, leadership lectures, Dragons Den (Draknästet), scholarships, improvement in the schoool environment suggested by students and parents etc.

Upcoming events 2017/18:

Junior winter disco (grade 4, 5 6)                                                              Fri 8 Dec (17-19)*

Romme ski trip (grade 4 - 9, seven full buses last year!)                       26 / 28 Jan*

Understanding leadership lecture (grade 7 and 9)                                15 / 17 Nov*

Dragons Den – Draknästet (grade 8)                                                         start Jan, final 27th March*

 …and much more to come…


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About us - PTA (föräldra- & lärarföreningen på IES Täby)

Parent Teacher Association at Internationella Engelska Skolan Täby is an independent organisation of parents who, in co-operation with the school, work towards the students interests and the betterment of the overall school environment.

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PTA Internationella Engelska Skolan Täby

Make sure your child is a member! 100 kr per child (annual fee) 2017/18

SWISH 100 kr to 1236580559 or PG 30 88 38-2

We want more parents to get actively involved (frivilligt)

Currently we are 11 parents and 2 teacher representatives on the PTA Board. We are now looking for more parents (grade 4-9) to join us /  help out at our events. If you would like to know more, please don´t hesitate to contact our Chairman Agneta.  

Contact PTAs Chairman

Agneta Ljungman Danielsson

Mother to Astrid in grade 7


Mobil:    070-664 02 68

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