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Year 7 English: The Book of Lost Things

Our incredibly brave Year 7s have been delving into the twisted and tortured world of John Connolly’s alternative Fairy Tale ‘The Book of Lost Things’. The culmination of a unit’s work on Fairy Tales, John Connolly’s world is full of danger, darkness and the unknown. Students began with time-honoured Tales from Oscar Wilde, of unselfish acts, heroes and morals, and have now travelled into the upside down. Into a world of irascible dwarves, half-human half-animal corruptions, harpies, trolls, a gluttonous and disgusting snow-white, hideous beasts and the terrifying Huntress. The most chilling of all characters however, has to be The Crooked Man, dangerous and cruel, he represents the most debase instincts in us all. Connolly has take classic Fairy Tales and subverted all literary traditions within them, in his world, expect the unexpected.

The novel follows David, a very untypical anti-hero, selfish and petulant, who after the death of his mother, travels into a new world overcome with spite and bitterness. On his journey to get back home he must battle with all-manner of creatures and overcome his most intimate fears, lest he become a half-human half-animal abomination himself, or fall to the jaws of the Loups and remain forever in the forest as a soul-child flower.

Student’s work on this unit has been spectacular with the products of their imaginations being, in some instances, even more terrifying than those in the novel! They have created; the souls of children trapped forever as flowers, they have drawn The Beast, they have argued over which half-animal and human creation world make the best prey. The students now, as the unit draws to a close and they begin tackling their essays, must ask themselves; will David make it home? Will he vanquish The Crooked Man and overcome those same flaws in his own nature? Will he even survive….?

Fantasy - The Book of Lost Things

Fairytales - The Book of Lost Things

Student Work - The Book of Lost Things

Dracula - The Book of Lost Things

From the Principal

Principal's blog February 2019


The spring term is well underway now and both students and staff have been busy becoming expert learners and teachers.

Here are a few activities we have engaged in so far this term:

In junior school our mentor classes have been going ice-skating and to trips to the Army museum.

Year 4 are preparing for the Chess competition in March in Globen "Schack 4", a much enjoyed annual event, and parents are most welcome to join us.

The year 6 students have already taken part in their Swedish National tests, looking confident and well prepared they will now move on to English and Maths after the holiday break.

In senior school we have kicked off our House competitions for this term and we will follow the results with interest during the term.

The year 9s have made their first choice of  "gymnasium" for August 2019.

Our students in Senior school have signed up this week to enter the IGCSE exams this term in English for  First and Second Language, Maths, Science and Computer Science.

The English department have been working on their Dragon's den unit in year 8 which is sponsored by the PTA. There are so many great ideas being created and presented in class.

Our year 9s took part in the annual dance at Täby centrum. Thank you to all the staff supporting with this.

In line with our Listen, Learn, Lead policy we continue to work with our student voice across the whole school through our Student Council, Breakfast Club and Buddies. Homework: Content and quality is a focus at the moment.

We have launched our new school newspaper by students in senior school. I hope you have read the first copy?

All our teaching staff are working on their Professional Development with several taking part in the Cambridge courses for Middle management leadership and teaching now offered at the school.

The PTA organised the ski trips to Romme for Jr and Sr school and both were a resounding success. Thank you to the PTA for all your hard work in organizing and running the event. Thank you to parents for supporting as well.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Sports holiday and look forward to the rest of the spring term, starting back on Monday in week 10.

Year 9 Art Trip to Moderna Museet and National Museet

Moderna Museet and National Museet

At the end of the Autumn Term, Year 9 visited the Moderna Museum’s collection of artworks and the newly opened National Museum in Stockholm. The students were able to expand their knowledge of contemporary and historical artworks and apply the skills and vocabulary practised this term in Art Theory and Art lessons.


During the trip students were asked to engage in drawing paintings, sculptures and the architecture of the buildings. They also applied their knowledge of the elements and principles of Art and Design through creative writing tasks and solving riddles. Having had this experience of seeing Art in context and visiting national collections, the year group will feel the benefit of this exposure in their future lessons!

Author visit in year 6

Author visit in year 6


In year 6 our students are working with Sweden´s different minority languages and they are reading the book “5768 visningar på Youtube”, written by Ralf Novak-Rosengren and Anita Santesson. On Thursday the 15th of November, on nationella läsdagen, Anita Santesson came to us for an author visit and talked to all our year 6 students about her and Ralf´s journey when writing this book. She told us about the background, how they were working with the writing process and last but not least, she gave us an deeper insight to Sweden´s different minority languages.


This was a very useful assembly for us and our students as it gave us more inspiration as to how to work with the process of writing and a fuller understanding about our five minority languages - Romani chib, Jiddish, Samiska, Meänkieli and Finska.  This assembly was made possible through Skapande Skola.


Some comments from students:


‘It was inspiring to listen to an author who has written a book that I have read!’


‘Jag tyckte det var en bra timme med Anita och jag vill gärna läsa hennes och Ralfs uppföljare’


‘Jag som elev tyckte att det var jätteintressant’


‘Det kändes som om den timmen tickade fram på tio minuter så intressant var det och vi fick veta mera om hur man kan skriva berättelser’.


‘I really enjoyed listening to her having read the book in class, it was interesting to hear how they had written the book and created the characters’


Holocaust lecture for year 9 students at IEST

On Friday 19th October, the year nine students were able to listen to a lecture about the Holocaust. The speaker, Natalie, was from Zikaron, an organisation which offers professional and educational lectures and tells stories from the survivors of the Holocaust to make sure they are never forgotten.

Natalie talked about her grandfather, Samuel, who survived nine different work and concentration camps during the Holocaust. He was liberated from Bergen-Belsen in 1945 and then came to a country he had never heard of before, Sweden. In her lecture, Natalie tells a personal story of a young man whose entire world is destroyed and who survives and builds a new life in a new country against all odds.

It was a very interesting and informative lecture which made us think and further educated us on the horrible events that took place.

(Story written by Lovina Planberg 9F)