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IEST's Year 7 Fairytales Unit

The Year 7s have been working diligently on learning about many different elements of fairytales including fairytale conventions, archetypes, and how these have been subverted over time to fit more modern perspectives and lifestyles. Along with this, the Year 7 students have been learning about different literary techniques such as persuasive language strategies and descriptive creative writing techniques. They have then applied these literary techniques to their own writing and speaking to truly enhance their English abilities.

To take their knowledge to the next level, students have worked on their weekly Fairytale Homework BINGO. This involved creating all different fun fairytale materials such as making their own fairytale characters out of clay and other materials, making "Wanted" posters for fairytale villains, and even making their own board games! Every time the students reached a BINGO on their Fairytale Homework BINGO card, they received a ticket to be put on a drawing for some great prizes. We even had some students complete ALL of the fairytale BINGO tasks. This has been a creative and exciting unit for the year 7 students!

Important information regarding week 51

Dear parents and guardians, 

The Stockholm Region has recommended that all högstadiet (7-9) schools shall go over to distance learning as soon as possible, preferably by Monday 14th December to help minimize the spread of Covid-19 in the society. 

IES will follow this recommendation, and our schools are preparing for distance learning as of Monday the 14th of December.

Junior School Years 4 - 6 will be open as normal.  At this stage the recommendations from Täby kommun, FHM and our IES crisis team are all in agreement that primary and middle schools (låg och mellan, years 1 to 6) should stay open. As we have seen today, this can change very quickly.

For the duration of week 51 students in year 7 -9 will be asked to meet mentors twice daily via Google hangouts to take attendance and go through any questions about the work that will need to be completed that day.  Work will be posted on the regular Schoolsoft lessons.  Please note, work posted during week 51 will focus primarily on reading, practicing and reviewing.  

We as a school have a large amount of resources already planned for this type of eventuality but we were caught by surprise by this announcement coming late on a Friday.  Therefore on Monday the initial contact from mentors will not be made until 1030.  This means all classes in Year 7 to 9 will not have their first mentor time until 1030.

From Tuesday till Thursday digital mentor times will be held at 0830 and 1430

We had been planning a digital end of year ceremony for Friday which we will still hold but it will be adjusted slightly.  Details of timing will be sent next week. 

We are aware some students may need to borrow a computer and/or collect resources from school.  We ask that any in need please follow the timetable below,

Year 7, welcome between 1100 and 1230 Monday 14th December

Year 8 welcome between 1230 and 1400 Monday 14th December

Year 9 welcome between 1400 and 1530 Monday 14th December

Computers will be signed out individually if needed during this time and are the responsibility of the lender.  We will ask for these back the same day school resumes as normal. 

Lunch will be offered to any students who wish between Tuesday and Thursday.  Information will be sent early on Monday on how to register for this.  Lunch will be sent to and can be picked up from Junior School. 

Year 6 Modern Foreign Language lessons will all be cancelled during week 51.  More information about this will be sent directly to all parents of affected 6th grade students tomorrow, Saturday the 12th.

We understand that this is a difficult time for all, and we truly  appreciate your support. 

Alastair Wither

Principal, IES Täby 


Principal Farewell

Greetings from the Principal,

After more than 9 years of being Principal at IES Täby, I am now moving on to a new and exciting role as Regional Director for IES from 1st November 2020.

I have been privileged to work with such wonderful people: students, parents and staff. I have learnt so much from everyone and I have loved the learning journey and creating an amazing team of staff, watching students grow and leading the best and now largest school in our organisation of IES schools. I love to come to work every day and to be in our school, so I will of course miss the staff, students and parents with all my heart.

" Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow" 

It is now time for me to  say goodbye and to move on and upwards to the 5th floor at HQ. I am lucky that I will be able to pop into our school in my new role and I am still based in Täby.

My farewell advice to staff last week: Please remember to: Smile, Laugh and be Positive, as the children we work with are our precious cargo to cherish and educate for the future of our society and the planet.

Thank you everyone and Farewell!

Good Luck and Success to Mr. Alastair Wither in his new role as Principal at IESTäby.

Carpe Diem

Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IESTäby


Principal’s Greetings August 2020

Welcome Back to school for the 2020-21 school year at IESTäby

Dear parents and students,

Welcome back

We are delighted to welcome all of our students to the  IEST School Start with our traditional assemblies on Monday 17th August. This year due to Covid 19 we will not be meeting in year groups in the Student Lounge for our assemblies, but in the individual mentor classes. However, we will share a video of the assembly with presentations from myself, management and HOYs for all students to watch with their own Mentors and class. Unfortunately, we are not able to welcome our new year 4 parents to join us in the assemblies in the classrooms in school.


Safety at IEST

A new school year presents challenges and opportunities for everyone. We will continue to follow the FHM/ Swedish Health Authorities recommendations for schools, reminding all staff and students to stay home if they have Covid 19 symptoms until 2 days symptom free, pay attention to personal hygiene routines of washing hands regularly, using hand gel and paying attention to social distancing when entering the lunch rooms. We follow closely the guidance from our IES Crisis team and School Medical officer for IES in terms of our routines and practices. We will keep you updated using Schoolsoft of any news or changes to our school routines, just like we did during the spring term. Please feel free to contact management, the student care team or mentors with any questions or concerns.

New staff, training and preparation

We have had a busy and productive summer, preparing for the new school year. We have recruited some great new teachers from Sweden and abroad who have been taking part in our Induction and In service weeks since August 5th. All our staff have been busy this week with shared practice, both academic and pastoral and of course getting school ready for our students' arrival next week. The staff are really  looking forward to greeting all our students “old and new” into school on Monday 17th August.

Building improvements

Every summer we spend time renovating, painting and making improvements on our two school buildings. In addition, this year we have built a new fence outside at Junior school to improve our playground area and we have replaced some of the school furniture. We have also purchased new furniture in the lunchroom in Senior school and we are delighted with the new look and soundproofing improvements. We have also renovated the new Aula in Senior school to be used as a PE Studio for years 8 and 9 in addition to them using the sports hall at Grindtorpshallen.


Back to school nights and SPTS

Due to Covid 19 we will be changing some of our traditional ways of meeting parents for information and feedback this term. We will not be holding the year 4 parent student meetings (SPTS) in school next week, but digitally instead and for Back to School Nights normally in w.34 and 35. We will be sending out information slides and video clips from our mentors for you instead.

More information is to come shortly from your Head of Years and Mentors, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.


Week 34

We have updated the information about the Start of School on Monday 17th August on Schoolsoft and the website for you. A few slight changes for year 4 and 6 and no year assemblies in the Student Lounge.

Monday 17th August      School start - see times/information on Schoolsoft         

Tuesday August 18      Introduction Day with Mentor classes and year team building activities for year 5-9 

                                          9.00-14.00: Years 5-9 meet in Mentor classrooms; please check School soft for individual details. 

Wednesday August 19  Schedule starts  years 5-9

                                          9.00-14.00: Introduction day for year 4 

N.B. Junior Club is open from 14.00-17.00 from Wednesday 19th  August

Thursday  August 20 Schedule starts for year 4

We have another wonderful school year ahead of us, full of possibilities for learning and development for our students. We are so proud of our students’ amazing academic success last year and we will continue to focus on the pastoral curriculum which, we believe when balanced with the academic curriculum, is key to our students well being and success at IEST!

I look forward to being in touch with you all soon.

Carpe Diem

Ms.Gina Ericsson

Principal IESTäby


Final Update: School Start ASSEMBLIES 2020.08.17

School Start ASSEMBLIES 2020

Monday 17th August 2020

 We are  not holding our traditional assemblies this year in the student lounge but in mentor classes instead for all students to welcome them to the Start of school for 2020-21


8.30 - 9.00 Year 6 Meet outside at  JR School - Assembly in Classroom

9.00 - 9.30 Year 6 Mentor rooms in JR school


9.10  - 9.20    Year 7 Mentor rooms

9.20  - 9.50     Year 7 Assembly in Classroom

9.45 -10.15  Year 7 Mentor rooms


10.10 -10. 25 Year 8 Mentor rooms

10.30 - 11.00  Year 8 Assembly in Classroom

11.00 - 11. 30 Year 8 Mentor rooms

11.20  -11.35            Year 9 Mentor rooms

11.40 - 12-10 Year 9 Assembly in Classroom

12.10 - 12.40   Year 9 Mentor rooms


Year 4 Meet outside JR School and Assembly in Classroom

New times per class below for year 4. Due to Covid restrictions this is for students only today.



12:45-12:55 Meet and check classlist

13:00-14:15 Mentor rooms and Assembly in Classroom



13:00-13:10 Meet and check classlist

13:15-14:30 Mentor rooms and Assembly in Classroom



13:15-13:25 Meet and check classlist

13:30-14:30 Mentor rooms and Assembly in Classroom



13:30-13:40 Meet and check classlist

13:45-14:45 Mentor rooms and Assembly in Classroom


14.00-14.30 Year 5 Meet outside JR school and Assembly in Classroom

14.40 - 15.00 Year 5 Mentor room in JR School