Dragon's Den Final 2018

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IEST’s PTA sponsored Dragon’s Den started six years ago as a year 8 choice lesson. Seven students participated in the project. Now six years later, IEST's Dragon’s Den is run by the English teachers giving all year 8 students the opportunity to take part in PTA’s Dragon’s Den project.

This year, students work in pairs where they have three weeks to develop their ideas and rehearse for class presentation. One finalist from each class is then chosen for the Dragon’s Den Final!

A big congratulations to our finalists Gabriel Fannberg 8a, Alexander Granlund 8a, Maja Rolness 8b, Ella Lindgren 8b, Mona Kamall 8c,  Clara Kinn 8c, Tasa Bhatia Scheele 8d, Lisa Wesslau 8d, Ida Gravsiö Wallin 8e, Ebba Penker 8e,  Linus Mattsson 8f and Filip Nordqvist 8f! To inspire and prepare for the Dragon’s Den Final 2018, our 12 finalists visited KTH Innovation on Wednesday 7th March.

“I enjoyed meeting one of their robots called Furhat. It could listen, ask questions and speak. We even got to play games with the robot. It was incredibly awe-inspiring to see what people are achieving nowadays. I don't think a lot of people got to see what we saw and underestimated the minds of the world. We were very lucky and did get to see (and interact) with it the possibilities!" explained one of the finalists, Tasa Bhatia Scheele.  

Tuesday the 27th March was IEST’s Dragon’s Den Final 2018 in the Academy at Senior School where our 12 finalists presented their project in front of the three panelists -- Mr Maurice Parry, Ms Agneta Ljungman and School Principal Ms Gina Ericsson. Their presentations were judged on four criteria: Innovation, Business, Sustainability and Communication. They were critiqued on the presentation part: the opening, countdown section and closing statement.

“The participants of this year’s Dragon Den competition clearly demonstrate that our young entrepreneurs will be the driving force of this country’s future!” said Mr Parry, PTA’s Senior Adviser.

"This was my first time as a Dragon and I was blown away by the power and competence of the participating teams. So much work and energy was put into the presentations and the ideas and inventions were without exceptions excellent. Fantastic!" said Ms Agneta Ljungman, PTA’s Chairperson.

The winner and runner-up will be announced at the End of Year Ceremony on Wednesday 13th June.

IEST would like to thank PTA, Ms Ljungman and Mr Parry for their continued support in in the school and Dragon’s Den. Your time and commitment are much appreciated!