Greetings from the Principal - May 2016

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From the Principal

What a busy, yet fun time of year at IEST! Our students are working so hard on their school work,  showing great study skills in taking part in their National tests, term grades and assessments with final grades for year 9.

As always the end is also packed with educational visits to museums, Sports days and "Skapande Skola" activities. We are looking forward to our annual celebrations at the end of school year in our assemblies and Graduation for the class of 2016 at the Aula Medica.

We are delighted that our PTA have organised their annual "Prom" for our year 9 students on June 10th evening. A glittering occasion to look forward to after 6 wonderful years at our school. Both our year 9 students and year 6 students are invited to a formal leaver's lunch, yes our year 6 students are moving over to the Senior school in August, time to say farewell and say thank you to mentors and teachers.  They are most welcome at Senior school and we are already  preparing fun team building activities for them when they start year 7 in August.

Last, but not least we have our annual charity initiatives coming up soon,  a "dagsverket"  at Senior school and a talent Show on 2nd June for Junior school.  More news to come..


Let's hope the sun shines now so we can really enjoy all these events with a smile!