IEST's Year 7 Fairytales Unit


The Year 7s have been working diligently on learning about many different elements of fairytales including fairytale conventions, archetypes, and how these have been subverted over time to fit more modern perspectives and lifestyles. Along with this, the Year 7 students have been learning about different literary techniques such as persuasive language strategies and descriptive creative writing techniques. They have then applied these literary techniques to their own writing and speaking to truly enhance their English abilities.

To take their knowledge to the next level, students have worked on their weekly Fairytale Homework BINGO. This involved creating all different fun fairytale materials such as making their own fairytale characters out of clay and other materials, making "Wanted" posters for fairytale villains, and even making their own board games! Every time the students reached a BINGO on their Fairytale Homework BINGO card, they received a ticket to be put on a drawing for some great prizes. We even had some students complete ALL of the fairytale BINGO tasks. This has been a creative and exciting unit for the year 7 students!