Important information regarding week 51


Dear parents and guardians, 

The Stockholm Region has recommended that all högstadiet (7-9) schools shall go over to distance learning as soon as possible, preferably by Monday 14th December to help minimize the spread of Covid-19 in the society. 

IES will follow this recommendation, and our schools are preparing for distance learning as of Monday the 14th of December.

Junior School Years 4 - 6 will be open as normal.  At this stage the recommendations from Täby kommun, FHM and our IES crisis team are all in agreement that primary and middle schools (låg och mellan, years 1 to 6) should stay open. As we have seen today, this can change very quickly.

For the duration of week 51 students in year 7 -9 will be asked to meet mentors twice daily via Google hangouts to take attendance and go through any questions about the work that will need to be completed that day.  Work will be posted on the regular Schoolsoft lessons.  Please note, work posted during week 51 will focus primarily on reading, practicing and reviewing.  

We as a school have a large amount of resources already planned for this type of eventuality but we were caught by surprise by this announcement coming late on a Friday.  Therefore on Monday the initial contact from mentors will not be made until 1030.  This means all classes in Year 7 to 9 will not have their first mentor time until 1030.

From Tuesday till Thursday digital mentor times will be held at 0830 and 1430

We had been planning a digital end of year ceremony for Friday which we will still hold but it will be adjusted slightly.  Details of timing will be sent next week. 

We are aware some students may need to borrow a computer and/or collect resources from school.  We ask that any in need please follow the timetable below,

Year 7, welcome between 1100 and 1230 Monday 14th December

Year 8 welcome between 1230 and 1400 Monday 14th December

Year 9 welcome between 1400 and 1530 Monday 14th December

Computers will be signed out individually if needed during this time and are the responsibility of the lender.  We will ask for these back the same day school resumes as normal. 

Lunch will be offered to any students who wish between Tuesday and Thursday.  Information will be sent early on Monday on how to register for this.  Lunch will be sent to and can be picked up from Junior School. 

Year 6 Modern Foreign Language lessons will all be cancelled during week 51.  More information about this will be sent directly to all parents of affected 6th grade students tomorrow, Saturday the 12th.

We understand that this is a difficult time for all, and we truly  appreciate your support. 

Alastair Wither

Principal, IES Täby