Principal’s Summer Greetings June 2017

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Dear Parents and Students,

Today we are celebrating our end of school year with our year assemblies for year 4-8 in our student lounge in Senior school. A time of celebration and an opportunity to recognise our students’ achievements and to thank their teachers and mentors for their professional and caring support.

Students at IEST! You do really deserve congratulations for your positive attitude to learning at our school. You are becoming expert and active learners, as reflected in your excellent academic results. Success comes with hard work and perseverance and you have really shown how following our ATLs this year has supported in your success at school this year. Learning is a process and a challenge for all of us and we need to have grit along the way, so you can always have new goals and aspirations and with our support try again in August to achieve your goals and dreams.

We are really looking forward to celebrating the success of our year 9 Class of 2017 at our traditional Graduation ceremony at the Aula Medica on Thursday 15th August. It is time to say a fond farewell, knowing they are ready to move on to the Gymnasium school of their choice in August.

I want to take this opportunity to wish all students and parents a wonderful summer holiday and on behalf of management and staff we welcome you back on August 21st 2017.

Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IEST


We are very proud of our school yearbook and I would like to share my letter to year 9 Class of 2017 students with you all:

Dear Class of 2017,

“On the road to success, as IEST celebrates over 10 years of success 2016-17!”

Congratulations on successfully completing year 9 and graduating after 6 years of education at IEST.

It has been my pleasure to see you all grow up and to be able to accompany you on these 6 years of your journey and to be an important part of your individual “ roads to success”

As Class of 2017, you have also been inextricably connected to my journey as Principal and leader of our school. We started at the same time in 2011 and we have together all played a major part in the development and success of our school. A warm felt thank you from me.

Success can be defined in many ways and I believe having high expectations and perseverance to achieve one’s goals are key denominators in achieving success in life. We all have dreams and goals we strive towards, sometimes we need to fail or struggle to learn how to achieve success in our studies and life. At IEST the staff know that our students need to “wobble” as part of their learning process and we are here to support whether with the shock of all the English in year 4 or the move to Senior school with more personal responsibility for your studies.

Remember when you learnt to ride a bike, it takes time and after you practice you learn the skill for life. Learning is the same. To become expert learners at our school we continually challenge you to focus on your weaknesses and improve these to achieve your potential in all subjects at the school. I know that so many of you have shown grit and endurance in your desire to learn and be successful in your studies to have a wide choice of programmes at Gymnasium in August 2017. Well done.

Now it is time to enjoy your success achieved at IEST and to take with you as much as you can to help you on your individual road to success in life. This wonderful yearbook is a great souvenir to have with you on this journey, memories of special people and events that you will look back fondly on in the future.

A warm felt thank you to the students and staff involved in producing such a fantastic yearbook for you. Every year we see such creativity and hard work by everyone involved: True Grit!

Class of 2017, you are graduating in our special 10 year anniversary at IEST. On behalf of all the staff at IEST we wish you lots of success in the future whatever you decide to achieve or wherever you decide to go on the road to success. Remember travelling on the road itself is learning for life and how important it is to never give up. In the wise words of Winston Churchill: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Good Luck Class of 2017

Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IEST