Principal's Blog August 2018

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From the Principal

Welcome letter for school start 2018-19

August 2018

Dear parents, students and staff,

I am delighted to wish everyone a warm welcome to the new school year 2018-19 at IESTäby. We are excited to greet all of our students at our traditional year group assemblies during the day on Tuesday 21st August in our student lounge at Senior school.

During the summer the leadership team and staff have been busy preparing the school for a new school year and over the last two weeks the teachers have been back preparing for you too. Due to our continued expansion, we now have 7 parallel classes in years 4-7  with a 7G in year 7 and 6 parallel in years 8 and 9. We also have an increased need for teachers due to the additional teaching minutes added this school year in Swedish, Technology, Music and Art at junior school. We have successfully recruited more teachers than ever this year,  both in Sweden and abroad. All our new International teachers are qualified teachers with a teacher certification from their country of origin and all new Swedish and SO teachers have the Swedish “lärarlegitimation”. I am delighted to have 120 professional and qualified staff supporting our students in both the academic and pastoral curriculum.

Over the summer we have also had new furniture delivered to Senior school and carried out renovations after the Fire damage. We have also improved our sound proofing in both buildings and as every year the whole school has been painted and cleaned thoroughly from top to toe. We are ready to start.

We are looking forward to meeting all parents at our Back to School Nights being held over the next two weeks. This is an important opportunity for parents to meet your mentors  and the class parents and to be given important information about the school year ahead. You are most welcome.

Students, we have an exciting year ahead and everyone at IEST is eagerly awaiting your return in years 5-9 and in particular I want to offer a very warm welcome to all our new students starting this year. To all our new year 4s, you will also be meeting your mentors on Tuesday and Wednesday so you get to know them before you start on Thursday 23rd with a class team building day.

Welcome back to all our students on Tuesday 21st at your year team assembly.

Carpe Diem

Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IEST