Toyota dream car art contest 2017

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Toyota dream car art contest 2017

Posters about the Toyota dream car art contest were distributed at Mentor Time and hung up around school at IEST Senior School at the start of Spring Term 2017. The aim of the contest was to draw your dream car, where the picture should express what it can do and how your car can change the world to make it a better place. Tina Westmoreland was one of three artistic students who took on the challenge and did very well in the competition.

“I began by brainstorming for ideas. Diversity and environment were the two things I wanted to include in my drawing. For a happier and healthier place to live in, I believe everyone has to take care of each other and the planet.  It took me many hours to create my drawing. It was a lot of fun making the drawing. I named my dream car Fuel good,” explained Tina.

As a participant in the contest, Tina received four tickets to the Melodifestival’s final dress rehearsal. She later found out that she won gold in Sweden where she attended an award ceremony and received an ipad. Tina’s drawing has been sent to Japan for the Global Competition. The global finalists will get to go to Tokyo in August. Those winners are not yet announced.

“Toyota will have this competition again next year, and I really want to encourage anyone interested in art, cars or design to participate! My best tip is to be creative and use your imagination,” concluded Tina. Congratulations and good luck, Tina!