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IEST Senior School students collected over 63000 SEK in charity sponsorship for the SOS Children's Villages Foundation

It was Operation Dagsverket on Wednesday 22nd May. All students of IEST grades 7-9 were free from school to spend a day out in the community working or doing a Charity Run for SOS Children’s Villages Foundation. Over 70 students participated in the 7 km run around the lake at Skavlöten. Congratulations to Max Backlund 8B who took first place for the second year in a row in the Charity Run, followed by Casper Nuhma 7G in second place and Louise Borgudd 7B who took third place. Class 7F did an amazing job as a class, raising over 6700 SEK and 7B not too far behind with over 6000 SEK!

The foundation was chosen by our 36 Student Council representatives last year, and the Student Council Board decided to work for the same organization this year. Altogether, we have raised over 63.000 SEK for the SOS Children’s Villages Foundation! Well done, students!

IEST Junior School Students collected over 80000 sek in charity sponsorship for the Children's Cancer Foundation (Message from: Mikkel Tholstrup Dahlqvist)

On Tuesday 4th June, the students at IEST Junior School  together with their music teachers arranged a Talent Show where all the proceeds would go to the Children's Cancer Foundation through Team Rynkeby Godmorgon Täby. The students offered amazing performances in the form of singing, dancing, clever mathematical puzzles and even a fire show! The Student Council had arranged a bake sale and it was sold out before the jury had presented the winner. In total, 10,000 SEK were collected during the evening, which is absolutely fantastic!

On Friday 3rd May, all pupils at Junior School also ran the "school race" which is a charity race where children run for children to raise money for the Children's Cancer Foundation. Those who are behind the race are Team Rynkeby Godmorgon and this is the fourth year in a row that the race is organized. The captain of Team Rynkeby Godmorgon Täby, Mr Jan Aronson, handed over a diploma to Junior School’s Assistant Principal, Mr Alastair Wither, during the evening of the Talent Show  with an exceptional sum of 82,697 SEK! It is 30,000 SEK more than last year and we are incredibly proud of our students' great achievements.

Many thanks to all the wonderful students, dedicated teachers, parents and cyclists in Team Rynkeby Godmorgon Täby for an unforgettable evening where it was not only the sun that warmed us all!

(The text in Swedish comes after the photos; texten på svenska kommer efter bilderna.)

Tisdagen den 4 juni anordnade eleverna på Junior School tillsammans med sina musiklärare en Talangshow där alla intäkter skulle gå till Barncancerfonden via Team Rynkeby Godmorgon Täby. Eleverna bjöd på fantastiska framträdanden i form av sång, dans, kluriga matematiska gåtor och till och med en eldshow! Elevrådet hade ordnat fika och det såldes slut innan juryn hunnit presentera vinnaren. Sammanlagt så samlades 10.000 kr in under kvällen vilket är helt fantastiskt. 

Fredagen den 3 maj sprang alla elever på Junior School även ”Skolloppet” som är ett välgörenhetslopp där barn springer för barn för att samla in pengar till Barncancerfonden. De som står bakom loppet är Team Rynkeby Godmorgon och detta är fjärde året i rad som loppet anordnas. Kaptenen i Team Rynkeby Godmorgon Täby, Jan Aronson, räckte under kvällen över ett diplom till biträdande rektor Alastair Wither, med den fantastiska summan på 82.697 kr! Det är 30.000 kr mer än förra året och vi är otroligt stolta över våra elevers fantastiska prestationer. 

Stort tack till alla fantastiska elever, engagerade lärare, föräldrar och cyklister i Team Rynkeby Godmorgon Täby för en oförglömlig kväll där det inte bara var solen som värmde.  

Video: 13 IES Schools Competed In Eurovision Inspired Contest

Video: 13 IES Schools Competed In Eurovision Inspired Contest

Singing in Spanish helped Emilia Söderlund (above, centre, with her teacher Mr Vary and her mother) from Internationella Engelska Skolan Johanneberg to win a language and music competition for IES schools.

Each year schools compete in a Eurovision-inspired contest, which sees students sing in languages other than English or Swedish.

This year 13 schools took part in the competition at IES Sundsvall – who hosted because they won the competition last year, in true Eurovision style.

Those competing sang in French, German and Spanish, in front of hundreds of students, and a jury made up of language and music teachers, at Tonhallen in Sundsvall.

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Video of the winner's reprise: Emilia Söderlund from IES Johanneberg

After a tense judging process considered the linguistic and musical talents of the very strong entries this year, Mr Brisson, principal of IES Sundsvall, announced the results.

While Emilia took first prize, a team from IES Eskilstuna (left), made up of Tamara Abood, Farah Mouhi, Eira Ankarfjärd and Darian Mather came second, while Cecilia Nilsson from IES Lund (below, right) came third.

Other schools who made the journey to Sundsvall to take part in this year’s contest included IES Bromma, Huddinge, Kista, Landskrona, Liljeholmen, Tyresö, Täby, Västerås and Årsta.

After performing David DeMaría song Cada Vez Que Estoy Sin Ti and receiving her trophy Emilia told the audience: "Thank you so much, I did not think I was going to win since there are so many talented people here and they were really great. Give them applause, please.”


After she left the stage she added: “I am grateful that I had this chance today, and I want to thank everyone, but especially my Spanish teacher Señor Rios, my music teacher Mr Duckworth, Mr Vary for coming with me, and my parents for being there with me and supporting me.

"This was my first time taking part in Eurovision, it was exciting but then I heard the other schools singing and they were so good, so I got nervous, but it was exciting.

"When I heard the winner announced, I said ‘well, that’s me’. I thought that Sundsvall would win again because I think she was really good and deserved to win.

"I have been studying Spanish for three years. I would not have believed three years ago that I could win today, but my music teacher told me that I should be here and he helped me, and here I am.”

Emilia’s victory means that next year the contest will be hosted by IES Johanneberg. She gave advice for all students thinking of taking part: “Believe in yourself, do what you like to do, and do not worry about what others think."

Winning turn: Emilia performing in front of judges

Year 7 English: The Book of Lost Things

Our incredibly brave Year 7s have been delving into the twisted and tortured world of John Connolly’s alternative Fairy Tale ‘The Book of Lost Things’. The culmination of a unit’s work on Fairy Tales, John Connolly’s world is full of danger, darkness and the unknown. Students began with time-honoured Tales from Oscar Wilde, of unselfish acts, heroes and morals, and have now travelled into the upside down. Into a world of irascible dwarves, half-human half-animal corruptions, harpies, trolls, a gluttonous and disgusting snow-white, hideous beasts and the terrifying Huntress. The most chilling of all characters however, has to be The Crooked Man, dangerous and cruel, he represents the most debase instincts in us all. Connolly has take classic Fairy Tales and subverted all literary traditions within them, in his world, expect the unexpected.

The novel follows David, a very untypical anti-hero, selfish and petulant, who after the death of his mother, travels into a new world overcome with spite and bitterness. On his journey to get back home he must battle with all-manner of creatures and overcome his most intimate fears, lest he become a half-human half-animal abomination himself, or fall to the jaws of the Loups and remain forever in the forest as a soul-child flower.

Student’s work on this unit has been spectacular with the products of their imaginations being, in some instances, even more terrifying than those in the novel! They have created; the souls of children trapped forever as flowers, they have drawn The Beast, they have argued over which half-animal and human creation world make the best prey. The students now, as the unit draws to a close and they begin tackling their essays, must ask themselves; will David make it home? Will he vanquish The Crooked Man and overcome those same flaws in his own nature? Will he even survive….?

Fantasy - The Book of Lost Things

Fairytales - The Book of Lost Things

Student Work - The Book of Lost Things

Dracula - The Book of Lost Things