More than a meal. 

The Täby lunchroom is run by our fantastic cook, who makes sure that both the food and the lunchroom is inviting and fresh for all students. Two dishes are served each day– one with fish and one with meat – and if none of those suit a student the lunchroom serves milk and cereals every day of the week.

For the students who don't eat meat there is always a vegetarian alternative. We also have a large salad bar that offers a wide selection of vegetables - all to make sure that everyone at our school gets the nutrition and energy that they need to get through a busy school day. 

We believe that teacher involvement and presence is important during the lunch break - both to secure a calm and relaxing dining environment, and to promote student-teacher confidence. Therefore, our teachers always eat in the lunchroom with the students, as part of a pedagogical lunch. 

View what our daily lunch menu looks like.