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Principal's greetings March 23rd 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

It has been a busy but very successful couple of weeks, full of challenges requiring grit and determination and sometimes a sense of humour. I was delighted to receive so much support from everyone after the unfortunate fire in our woodwork room last week. We have an amazing school and it was fantastic to see all our parents and students in school again at SPTs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Senior school was given the all clear from Södra Roslags Miljö och Hälsa to start school last Tuesday and after the two SPT days, Senior school has also has now been on full schedule again the rest of the week.

I was impressed to hear how well our students are developing academically and to hear how many students have set clear and achievable goals for the rest of the school year.

Learning is a lifelong process and at IEST we encourage students to reflect on their approaches to their learning using our ATLs. As you know, we have added Grit this year to our ATLs as we believe that determination and perseverance are key where understanding that we need to fail sometimes to be able to succeed in life is so important.

As you know at IEST we love to celebrate our success and I have just heard that three of our students won the Stockholm area Pythagoras Maths competition yesterday and they will represent Stockholm in the Finals on May 25th. This is amazing boys. Well done! Congratulations and great team work!

Thank you everyone for all your continued support and may I wish you all a great Easter break from Friday 30th March.

Welcome Back on Monday 9th April. Happy Easter holidays.


Ms. Gina Ericsson


IEST students took first place at Stockholm's district final in the Pythagoras Quest 2018!

Congratulations Sebastian Westerlund 9C, Kasper Tidner 9D and Eskil Nyberg 9C!

On Thursday 22nd March, three IEST students in grade 9 competed at Stockholm's District Final in the Pythagoras Quest 2018. They took first place in the Stockholm region and have qualified to the Regional Final (riksfinal) in Malmö in May. They will then be competing against all the top teams from across Sweden in the National Final.

Well done Sebastian, Kasper and Eskil!

We at IEST are very proud of you!

IEST JS January: Ice Skating

IEST JS January: Ice Skating

During week 5, IEST Junior School students went on a winter sports day to Sollentunavallen for Ice Hockey and Ice Skating.

The day gave students a chance to show off their skills in different ways. Some showed off their figure skating talents while others their ice hockey techniques, but the majority just enjoyed casually ice skating on a large open area with their friends and class mentors.

Kleins kitchen did an amazing job serving hot-dogs, hamburgers and hot chocolate to all the students, watching them relaxing and eating with their friends in the snow was lovely!

A great week had by all!


Nobel Museum's Bi-jakten Recognition

Congratulations to students in 9E

The Nobel Museum's annual school project "Forskarhjälpen" is in full swing and this year's edition is called Bi-jakten, where students in 8th and 9th grade from all over the country participate. This year, the participating students will help researchers to investigate how Sweden's honey bees are. Julia Gelmanovska and Amalia Nylen from 9E were the successful candidates from IEST who had their poster on display in the Nobel Museum. The student’s poster won best designed in the competition which carried a prize of 2000kr for the class account (klasskassa) and a half day with the museum’s designers.

Bi-jakten award

KRAV Visit to IEST

On Monday January 15th a representative from KRAV visited the school to discuss with year 9 Home Economics students how the manufacturing of their products affects the environment, with a focus on sustainability. This topic is the main focus this half of the term and links directly to group presentations that will be assessed. The presentation covered the goals of the organisation in providing the public with the highest rated organic products in the EU, including issues of animal welfare and social responsibility. It also covered the sustainable food brands in Sweden and the standardisation of these brands. The students were very attentive and seemed to enjoy the session.