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Nobel Museum's Bi-jakten Recognition

Congratulations to students in 9E

The Nobel Museum's annual school project "Forskarhjälpen" is in full swing and this year's edition is called Bi-jakten, where students in 8th and 9th grade from all over the country participate. This year, the participating students will help researchers to investigate how Sweden's honey bees are. Julia Gelmanovska and Amalia Nylen from 9E were the successful candidates from IEST who had their poster on display in the Nobel Museum. The student’s poster won best designed in the competition which carried a prize of 2000kr for the class account (klasskassa) and a half day with the museum’s designers.

Bi-jakten award

KRAV Visit to IEST

On Monday January 15th a representative from KRAV visited the school to discuss with year 9 Home Economics students how the manufacturing of their products affects the environment, with a focus on sustainability. This topic is the main focus this half of the term and links directly to group presentations that will be assessed. The presentation covered the goals of the organisation in providing the public with the highest rated organic products in the EU, including issues of animal welfare and social responsibility. It also covered the sustainable food brands in Sweden and the standardisation of these brands. The students were very attentive and seemed to enjoy the session.

From the Principal

Holiday Greetings! December 2017

Dear parents and students,

Our autumn term 2017 is coming to a close and we are looking forward to celebrating our students’ success at our traditional end of term assemblies on the last day of term on Thursday 21st December.

Our school targets this year are strongly focused on our ability to Listen, Learn and Lead in all areas of school  life. The student council have already played a key role in making the student voice heard and listened to. Thank you!

Our students have shown a very positive attitude this term, showing grit and determination in all that they do resulting in great academic and social achievements. Well done!

On behalf of all  students I would like to thank our professional and devoted teachers and staff at IEST who work so hard to listen, support and engage with our students at IEST. At IEST the staff really believe in seeing the  “best in everyone.” Thank you!

The Christmas holiday time is a perfect time to rest and to reflect on goals reached and new goals to strive for next term. Please remember that learning is a lifelong journey, so it is never too late to try new ways to get to your journey’s end.  How about joining me in reading a book or two over the Christmas break which is always a great holiday activity as reading is such fun!

Finally, on behalf of the management and staff we wish everyone a well deserved rest and lots of quality time together.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the new year with all its possibilities for new year’s resolutions, creativity and success in 2018.

Welcome back to school on 9th January 2018.

Carpe Diem.

Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IESTäby

From the Principal

The Principal's blog August 2017

Dear Parents, students and staff,

We would like to welcome everyone back to school on Monday 21st August to start the school year of 2017-18 at IESTäby. I would also like to extend my delight in all the new students joining us this year and in particular the new year 4 students and their families.

We have established some important traditions at our school where starting with a year assembly and time with your mentors is the start of our welcoming process. After the more ceremonial welcome we move to the team building fun, including “The Clash” class competition where the winning mentor class is presented with  the school’s prestigious trophy!

I am now starting my seventh year as Principal at IEST and was very proud to hear back from the Swedish school inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) in June 2017 that we had passed the inspection back in May 2017 without a single question or issue of concern. We know we have a wonderful school both academically and socially which is reflected in our results and the atmosphere in school and furthermore in our very good support from parents and families at our school. At IES we believe in quality and have an annual quality development plan for our school which is based on the analysis of our surveys and academic results including discussion and feedback from parents, students and staff. I believe most strongly in a Listen, Learn and Lead approach to development at our school. The school focus for 2017-18 is continuing to maintain and create “ A calm and active learning environment where we listen, learn and lead to help create “The Best in everyone”. The staff professional development programme for this school year includes shared practice in Bilingual Teaching and Learning

Finally, I would like to thank all our staff who have been busy over the last couple of weeks preparing for your return to school. I hope you will join me in welcoming all new staff to IESTäby.  This year we have new international staff from Canada, Ireland, the UK, USA, Jamaica, Holland, South Africa and Australia.

Welcome to another fantastic year at IESTäby. I look forward to greeting all students at our assemblies and meeting parents at our “Back to school Nights” over the next two weeks.

Ms.Gina Ericsson, Principal and the IEST Management team.

Year 9 Graduation 2017

Special Honor Rolls

On Thursday 15th June we wished good-bye to our leaving Year 9 students with our graduation ceremony. A tradition amongst schools at Internationella Engelska Skolan, the graduation is our official way to celebrate the end of school life, with students wearing our symbolic blue caps and gowns.  

Following on from the successes of the previous year’s event, once again the graduation ceremony took place in the beautiful atmospheric architecture of Karolinska Institutet’s Aula Medica in Solna, with over 1000 seats ensuring all staff, students and families are able to join in the celebrations.  

It is once again a year worth celebrating, as our school Principal Ms Ericsson said in her opening statement. Our year 9 students are determined, showing great perseverance to reach their goals. Today, we celebrate their success because our year 9 students have reached an outstanding results with 85% reaching a C, B or A in every subject -- as a year group leaving IEST with a grade point average (meritvärde) of 289.

Our students, as we expect, have a 97% A-C rate in English from the National Tests.  But these successes spread to the other core subjects, our Swedish score of 78% of students and Maths at 65% achieving scores from A-C far exceeds the national average -- likewise in Chemistry with 73% A-C and History with 81% reaching A-C as a year group. Impressive!

This year’s Valedictorian, William Olsson (9E), and Salutatorian, Evelyn Lo (9B), were joined by four other students with perfect scores of 340 points! IES CEO, Mr Riber, and the School Principal, Ms Ericsson, presented the Special Honor Roll Awards. Congratulations once more to Filip Ramslöv (9A), Maya Bhattacharyya (9B), Isabella Lejström (9B), Evelyn Lo (9B), Rebecca Stern (9C) and William Olsson (9E)!

A new addition to this year’s Graduation from our School Principal, Ms Ericsson, is the True Grit Award. The True Grit Award recognizes students who have passion and ambition for learning, have truly worked hard -- and have learned to meet challenges and never give up once through the years at IEST. Congratulations to Arash Nouri (9E) and Sahra Ali (9E) for their hard work and academic successes!

The ceremony, hosted by year 8 students Julia Gelmanovska (8E) and William Ericsson (8D), also included performances by Ms Henderson and Ms Pate singing the national anthem, Rebecca Stern (9C) and Christian Rizopulos (9C) singing ‘Farewell’ by Rihanna, Josefine Sirc (9A) and Lina Vängborb(9A) performing ‘True colors’ by Cindy Lauper, Emma Erling (9F) and Eleanor Ward (9F) performing ‘Sixteen hits in six minutes’ by a variety of artists, and Kevin Creutzer (4C) singing the traditional ‘Den blomstertid nu kommer’.  

With so many successful students at IEST, there was much to celebrate.  Class of the year, for their positive attitude went to Class 9E, whilst Student of the year went to Maya  Bhattacharyya (9B).  Academic prizes went to the highest achieving students in each of the subjects.

On behalf of PTA, Mr Heed presented the PTA Spirit Award to a student from each year 9 class. The award is presented to students who are considered to be a good role model, a person who is always happy to help others and who is always positive. Congratulations to Filip Ramslöv (9A), Anaya Rupia-Ellis (9B), Melvin Austin (9C), Alva Hemmingsson (9D), Emelie Legneful (9E) and Felicia Söderqvist (9F)!

We, staff at IES Täby, agree that the event is one of our proudest moments of each and every academic year. We thank all the students and their families for the wonderful memories and wish that you have fantastic futures as well.