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Year 9 Graduation 2017

Special Honor Rolls

On Thursday 15th June we wished good-bye to our leaving Year 9 students with our graduation ceremony. A tradition amongst schools at Internationella Engelska Skolan, the graduation is our official way to celebrate the end of school life, with students wearing our symbolic blue caps and gowns.  

Following on from the successes of the previous year’s event, once again the graduation ceremony took place in the beautiful atmospheric architecture of Karolinska Institutet’s Aula Medica in Solna, with over 1000 seats ensuring all staff, students and families are able to join in the celebrations.  

It is once again a year worth celebrating, as our school Principal Ms Ericsson said in her opening statement. Our year 9 students are determined, showing great perseverance to reach their goals. Today, we celebrate their success because our year 9 students have reached an outstanding results with 85% reaching a C, B or A in every subject -- as a year group leaving IEST with a grade point average (meritvärde) of 289.

Our students, as we expect, have a 97% A-C rate in English from the National Tests.  But these successes spread to the other core subjects, our Swedish score of 78% of students and Maths at 65% achieving scores from A-C far exceeds the national average -- likewise in Chemistry with 73% A-C and History with 81% reaching A-C as a year group. Impressive!

This year’s Valedictorian, William Olsson (9E), and Salutatorian, Evelyn Lo (9B), were joined by four other students with perfect scores of 340 points! IES CEO, Mr Riber, and the School Principal, Ms Ericsson, presented the Special Honor Roll Awards. Congratulations once more to Filip Ramslöv (9A), Maya Bhattacharyya (9B), Isabella Lejström (9B), Evelyn Lo (9B), Rebecca Stern (9C) and William Olsson (9E)!

A new addition to this year’s Graduation from our School Principal, Ms Ericsson, is the True Grit Award. The True Grit Award recognizes students who have passion and ambition for learning, have truly worked hard -- and have learned to meet challenges and never give up once through the years at IEST. Congratulations to Arash Nouri (9E) and Sahra Ali (9E) for their hard work and academic successes!

The ceremony, hosted by year 8 students Julia Gelmanovska (8E) and William Ericsson (8D), also included performances by Ms Henderson and Ms Pate singing the national anthem, Rebecca Stern (9C) and Christian Rizopulos (9C) singing ‘Farewell’ by Rihanna, Josefine Sirc (9A) and Lina Vängborb(9A) performing ‘True colors’ by Cindy Lauper, Emma Erling (9F) and Eleanor Ward (9F) performing ‘Sixteen hits in six minutes’ by a variety of artists, and Kevin Creutzer (4C) singing the traditional ‘Den blomstertid nu kommer’.  

With so many successful students at IEST, there was much to celebrate.  Class of the year, for their positive attitude went to Class 9E, whilst Student of the year went to Maya  Bhattacharyya (9B).  Academic prizes went to the highest achieving students in each of the subjects.

On behalf of PTA, Mr Heed presented the PTA Spirit Award to a student from each year 9 class. The award is presented to students who are considered to be a good role model, a person who is always happy to help others and who is always positive. Congratulations to Filip Ramslöv (9A), Anaya Rupia-Ellis (9B), Melvin Austin (9C), Alva Hemmingsson (9D), Emelie Legneful (9E) and Felicia Söderqvist (9F)!

We, staff at IES Täby, agree that the event is one of our proudest moments of each and every academic year. We thank all the students and their families for the wonderful memories and wish that you have fantastic futures as well.

Toyota dream car art contest 2017

Toyota Dream Car Contest

Posters about the Toyota dream car art contest were distributed at Mentor Time and hung up around school at IEST Senior School at the start of Spring Term 2017. The aim of the contest was to draw your dream car, where the picture should express what it can do and how your car can change the world to make it a better place. Tina Westmoreland was one of three artistic students who took on the challenge and did very well in the competition.

“I began by brainstorming for ideas. Diversity and environment were the two things I wanted to include in my drawing. For a happier and healthier place to live in, I believe everyone has to take care of each other and the planet.  It took me many hours to create my drawing. It was a lot of fun making the drawing. I named my dream car Fuel good,” explained Tina.

As a participant in the contest, Tina received four tickets to the Melodifestival’s final dress rehearsal. She later found out that she won gold in Sweden where she attended an award ceremony and received an ipad. Tina’s drawing has been sent to Japan for the Global Competition. The global finalists will get to go to Tokyo in August. Those winners are not yet announced.

“Toyota will have this competition again next year, and I really want to encourage anyone interested in art, cars or design to participate! My best tip is to be creative and use your imagination,” concluded Tina. Congratulations and good luck, Tina!

Young Scientists Summer Program

Robot programming

Julia Gelmanovska of Class 8e has been accepted into the Young Scientists Summer Programwith Astra Zeneca. There are only 40 places for grade 8 students -- 20 in Gothenburg and 20 in Stockholm -- so, this is amazing for Julia to be part of this program.

The science department at IEST Senior School have also been working with the Nobel Museum and Lund University to help them with their research, investigating the health of the honey bees in Sweden. The students have collected bees from the local beekeepers and dissected them to send off the 'honey stomach' to the researchers at Lund University.

Lund University will analyse student results and send them back information on what they have found out. The students will then display this scientific research in a poster format. So, not only will they be doing science that will be used in real research, but also --  if theirs are chosen as the best poster -- they win tickets to the Nobel prize giving!


Year 4-6 School Start at IESTäby August 2017


Dear Students and Parents,

We are delighted to be able to welcome all of our new year 4 students in junior school to our starting  of school ceremonies at 13.00 on Monday 21st of August 2017.  All our junior school year group assemblies take place during Monday in our student lounge areas in the Senior school on Nytorpsvägen 7A.  After the welcoming ceremony the students will then proceed to the junior school building accompanied by their mentor for registration and their first mentor time in their mentor class. Parents are welcome to pick up their children at the school entrance ( see program schedule).

Year 4: Student, Parent, Teacher meetings week 34

During the first two days of the autumn term we start with a 20 minute introductory talk (student, guardian and mentor) for all of our new students starting in year 4. These meetings will take place during week 34 on Monday morning 21st August  and on Tuesday 22nd August. This will be a great possibility for you to meet your child's new mentor and get to know each other as well as discuss your child’s individual academic and social needs. The new mentor will assign a day and time to meet you and your child and this time will be sent out at the beginning of August  during week 33.

Introduction Day on Wednesday 23rd August

Year 4 students will have their introduction day on Wednesday 23rd August with their mentor class, there is no regular school for year 4 on Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd August. Students have a home introduction task for Tuesday the 22nd August and the school schedule starts on Thursday 24th and Junior Club also opens on Thursday 24th of August.

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing all our new year 4 students at the assembly at 13.00 on Monday the 21st of August 2017.

Best Regards

Principal Ms. Gina Ericsson



Monday August 21 Registration Day and Assemblies in Senior School Lounge

8.00-12.00 SPT introduction meetings for year 4 by appointment at Junior School


8.15- 8.45 Year 6 Assembly in SR School

8.45 -10.00 Year 6 Mentor rooms in JR scho

(Pick up time for Year 6 students: 10:00)

13.00-13.20 Year 4 Assembly in SR school

(Class roll call; parents are welcome to attend )

13.30-14.45 Year 4 Mentor rooms in JR school

(Pick up time for Year 4 students: 14:45)


14.00-14.30 Year 5 Assembly in SR school

14.40 - 15.15 Year 5 Mentor room in JR School

(Pick up time for Year 5 students: 15:15)



Tuesday  August 22 Introduction Day with Mentor classes and year team building activities for years 5 and 6

9.00 -14.00 Year 5 and 6 meet in Mentor classrooms

8.00-16.00 SPT introduction meetings for Year 4 students by appointment- Home Introduction study tasks given on Monday at Mentor time.


Wednesday August 23 Schedule starts for years 5 and 6

Introduction day for year 4 from 9.00-14.00


N.B. Junior Club is open from 14.00-17.00 from Thursday 24th of August


Thursday August 24 Schedule starts for year 4






“Back to school nights” for junior school:


Information and meeting with Mentor and class parents.


Year 4 Wednesday 23rd August 4AB:17.30, 4CDE: 18.30,  4FG: 19.15


Year 5          Thursday 24th August           5AB: 17.30, 5CDE: 18.30, 5FG: 19.15

Year 6          Tuesday  29th  August            6AB: 17.30, 6CDE: 18.00, 6FG: 19.15



School Start Senior School Year 7-9 Autumn Term 2017

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

We are delighted to be able to welcome all our students in years 7-9 to our beginning of school ceremonies on Monday 21st August 2017. The assemblies and mentor times take place during Monday morning in our Student Lounge in Senior School.

Please check the time of your assembly and when you meet your mentor class in the schedule below. Mentor rooms will be posted in the reception area for you to check on arrival. Please check on School Soft for information from your mentors.

The students in years 7-9 will be having an Introduction day on Tuesday 22nd August where they are given important information and are together in their classes with their mentors, taking part in team building activities within their year group.

Parents will be contacted by the mentors at the beginning of term, and parents are also warmly invited to meet the mentors at our “Back to school nights” during weeks 35.

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 21st August.

Best Regards
Ms. Gina Ericsson


Monday August 21

9.00-9.15      Year 7 Mentor rooms
9.15-9.45      7 Assembly
9.45-10.15    Year 7 Mentor rooms

10.00-10.15   Year 8 Mentor rooms
10.15-10.45   Year 8 Assembly
10.45-11.15   Year 8 Mentor rooms

11.00-11.15    Year 9 Mentor rooms
11.15-11.45    Year 9 Assembly
11.45-12.15    Year 9 Mentor rooms

Tuesday August 22
Introduction Day with Mentor classes and year team building activities for year 7-9; 9.00-14.00 Years 7-9 meet in Mentor classrooms

Wednesday August 23
Schedule starts 

Back to school nights for senior school: 
Information and meeting with Mentor and class parents.

Year 7    Monday 28th August 18.00 in Senior School 
Year 8    Wednesday 30th August 18.00 in Senior School 
Year 9    Wednesday 30th August 19.00 in Senior School