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Students Sing For Victory in IES Eurovision Song Contest

Students Sing For Victory in IES Eurovision Song Contest

A grade nine student from IES Tyresö was crowned the winner after 18 bands and solo artists stepped forward to perform during the annual Internationella Engelska Skolan Modern Foreign Languages Eurovision Song Contest.

The popular competition is open to students at all IES schools and sees them perform a song in a language other than Swedish or English.



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This year’s winner was Stella Chirinos from IES Tyresö (Pictured above with French Teacher Mr Guerneui, Founder of IES Ms Bergstöm, and music teacher Mr Stones). Stella sang Dernière Danse by French singer-songwriter Indila.

Stella said: “It was a strange feeling to hear that I had won. There was some very good singers from other schools. I knew that I had given a good performance and that I had a strong song but it's always a good surprise to win.

"I started in year 7 here at IES Tyresö so I've been learning French for three years. I like the language, I like how it sounds.”

Stella got the idea of performing the Indila song after a friend mentioned it in a French lesson and she realised it would suit her well.

She said: “I like to sing because it's fun and I can express feeling through songs. There are songs for all occasions, sad and happy.

"I've been singing since I was seven and I've performed on stage on several occasions previously so I have some stage experience but you can't take away the nervosity."

Her French teacher, Mr Guerneui added: “I knew that my student Stella was a very strong candidate for victory but when I heard the singers from Nacka and Gävle I felt that this year's trophy might as well go to one of these schools. The two girls had very strong and beautiful voices. It's my first year at IES Tyresö  and we are still a relatively new school so I am glad that we won with our first attempt.”

Second place was awarded to Paulina Johnson of IES Gävle (pictured, left) who sang Mii Años in Spanish, while the third prize went to a band from IES Nacka made up of Felicia Elding, Louise Andersson, Alva Willers and Annie Wallin (pictured, below, right). Together they performed Colores En El Biento in Spanish.

This year the event was hosted by IES Bromma, other IES schools taking part included those from: Älvsjö, Täby, Kista, Skärholmen, Huddinge, Liljeholmen, Uppsala, Hässelby, Eskilstuna, Halmstad, Lund, Sundsvall, Johanneberg and Hässleholm .

The result means that, according to Eurovision tradition, IES Tyresö will host next year’s contest.

Mr Guerneui is looking forward to putting together next year’s event.

He said: “IES Bromma has set the bar very high this year but we are confident to maintain the same standard next year."

IEST Dragon’s Den 2017

IEST’s PTA sponsored Dragon’s Den started five years ago as a year 8 choice lesson. Seven students signed up and participated. The first year was very science based where students even had the opportunity to explore nuclear physics -- the what and why are alpha and gamma radiation dangerous. Students learned the basics of business plans and marketing plans.

Now five years later, IEST Dragon’s Den is bigger and more developed than ever! Still with PTA’s support, IEST Dragon’s Den is run by the English Department. All year 8 students have the opportunity to take on and compete in the Dragon’s Den project.

Students work alone, in pairs or in small groups of 3-4 where they have three weeks to develop their ideas and rehearse for their presentation for the class. One finalist from each class is then chosen to represent their class in the Dragon’s Den Final! For inspiration and preparation for the Dragon’s Den Final 2017, our 13 finalists -- Linnea Ejemyr, Moa Christianssén, Johanna Graham, Rebecka Hedensjö, Arthur Harmsen, Florian Randes, Viktor Synnes, Adam Ögren, Ronya Aspelod, Emily Assarson Naess, Isabel Storgård and Caroline Ehrngren (absent: Jack Magnell) -- visited KTH Innovation. 

“Ms Nicole Forsberg explained how things work at KTH and what they strive for in business. Mr Raman Ramalingam explained what they do at KTH. He also give us tips on how to develop products and make money. He mentioned some rare and funny cases like the man who started selling stones as pets -- who managed to make over one million crowns in one year by coming up with a fun and simple idea. The message was that things does not always has to be complicated. It can be simple too,” explained Adam Ögren, one of this year’s 13 finalists.

Tuesday the 21st March was the Dragon’s Den Final 2017 in the Academy at IEST Senior School where our 13 finalists presented their project in front of the three panelists -- Mr Maurice Parry, Mr Ralph Riber and Mr Ari Keinanen. Their presentations were judged on four criteria: Innovation, Business, Sustainability and Communication. They were critiqued on the presentation part: the opening, countdown section and closing statement. The Winner and second place winner will be announced at the End of Year Ceremony on Wednesday, the 14th of June, 2017.

Pictured above is Class 8B's finalists, Rebecka Hedensjö and Johanna Graham, at the Final, explaining the Paxanimi powered by hormonal capsule, the clock that makes sure you wake up ready to start the day -- feeling alert for for the entire day!

“This is now the 5th year we have been running the Dragon’s Den competition at the IEST and seeing the development in these young adults gives hope to the future! The initial reason for creating this annual event is I believe that in the coming years, to succeed one must be an entrepreneur. There will be too many people competing for the same job, as the world is getting more and more populated and the competition is now on a global basis,” explained Mr Maurice Parry, PTA’s Senior Adviser.

“Just having good grades will not be sufficient! Learning to take control of one’s own life, rather than depending on the will of others will be an absolute necessity It is with this though in focus that we need to encourage entrepreneurial processes and is why the PTA, together with dedicated IEST teachers have invested time and funds in the annual 8th grade Dragon’s Den competition. The earlier we encourage students in understanding the various aspects of business, e.g. generating ideas, planning, cost analysis, presenting, etc., the more likely it will be that they succeed in their futures! Let us continue to give this a priority and hopefully other schools and institutes will follow this line of thinking!” concluded Mr Parry.

IEST would like to thank PTA and Mr Maurice Parry for their continued support in Dragon’s Den. We would like to thank our special guests Mr Ralph Riber and Mr Ari Keinanen for attending and participating in this year's event as one of the Dragons!

Science at IEST

Man in Space Lecture

Man in space

On Friday 13 January Professor Carl Johan Sundberg from the department of physiology and pharmacology at Karolinska Institute visited IEST. He held an informational but interesting lecture on the physical effects on the human body by being in space. At the end of the assembly he answered some questions that the students asked.

One thing he talked about was how the body reacted to having no gravity act upon it. He mentioned that the muscles don’t need to work as much in space, since they don’t need to hold up the body in such a way as on Earth. He explained that the unused muscles start to lose mass, and therefore the astronauts get weaker. There are ways of exercising in space, but they are far less effective than on Earth. The amount of muscles you lose when you are in space for four to six weeks is roughly the same muscle mass you would lose when lying in bed for the same amount of time.

Dr Sundberg also mentioned that when you are in space you lose red blood cells because the muscles do not need the same amount of oxygen because they are not being used as much, so the body doesn’t need to carry as much oxygen around the body. This loss of red blood cells could increase the risk of fainting, among other things.

He spoke shortly about the mental effects of being in space, and they were mostly due to being with the same people in a small space for a long time and having tight schedules with little sleep.

In the end he got some interesting questions from both students and teachers. One of the many question he got was if the astronauts had to drink their own urine, and he explained that they only needed to drink the water extracted from it. 

(Story written by IEST student, Alexander Lundquist 8B)


Physicists from Stockholm University

On Wednesday 18th January, visitors from Stockholm University brought some wow moments to IES Täby with some live demonstrations in physics and insights into the real and wonderful workings of nature. Students wrestled in vain against atmospheric pressure to try pull apart Magdeburg hemispheres; they saw a light bulb turn on without being connected to any source of electricity when held close enough to a Tesla coil; they peered into the invisible world of the Electromagnetic spectrum and saw themselves in infrared; they saw sound waves transmitted by a laser as well as the sound waves of music in flames above a Rubens’ tube; and they ate biscuits that had been cooled down to -196 ℃ in liquid nitrogen.

Our thanks go to our the science team from Stockholm University.  

IEST's PTA Sponsored Event: Romme 2017

IEST's PTA Sponsored Event: Romme 2017

Early morning at Täby Galopp, everyone is on time and the buses arrive as scheduled.

There were lots of joy, music and singing in the bus, all the way to Romme. As expected, students were in nicely formed lines -- standing in line to get the rented gear.

The slopes were perfectly prepared and everyone had a super time! Lunch is always the best when skiing!

We had a fantastic afternoon, and the sun was shining on all the smiling faces!

Buses were filled and we started the trip back home. It was long day but still some singing along to the movie we enjoyed.
Some incidents happened during the day, but nothing major or out of the ordinary.

What a nice bunch of teenagers! It has been a pleasure to arrange this trip and I ook forward to next year!

Lena Zachrisson

Season's Greetings from the Principal

Dear parents and students,

We have had a busy and enjoyable end of term, including our Lucia at Tibble Theatre and traditional IEST end of school assemblies yesterday. Students need to be congratulated on their hard work and success in their school work and to their Approaches to Learning at school this term. Well done! Staff are to be warmly thanked for their dedication and professional support helping our students achieve their goals at IEST.

On behalf of the management and staff at IEST, I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Welcome back to a new and exciting "learning journey" on 10th January 2017.

Best Regards / Med vänliga hälsningar

Ms. Gina Ericsson
Principal IEST