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From the Principal

Principal's greetings March 23rd 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

It has been a busy but very successful couple of weeks, full of challenges requiring grit and determination and sometimes a sense of humour. I was delighted to receive so much support from everyone after the unfortunate fire in our woodwork room last week. We have an amazing school and it was fantastic to see all our parents and students in school again at SPTs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Senior school was given the all clear from Södra Roslags Miljö och Hälsa to start school last Tuesday and after the two SPT days, Senior school has also has now been on full schedule again the rest of the week.

I was impressed to hear how well our students are developing academically and to hear how many students have set clear and achievable goals for the rest of the school year.

Learning is a lifelong process and at IEST we encourage students to reflect on their approaches to their learning using our ATLs. As you know, we have added Grit this year to our ATLs as we believe that determination and perseverance are key where understanding that we need to fail sometimes to be able to succeed in life is so important.

As you know at IEST we love to celebrate our success and I have just heard that three of our students won the Stockholm area Pythagoras Maths competition yesterday and they will represent Stockholm in the Finals on May 25th. This is amazing boys. Well done! Congratulations and great team work!

Thank you everyone for all your continued support and may I wish you all a great Easter break from Friday 30th March.

Welcome Back on Monday 9th April. Happy Easter holidays.


Ms. Gina Ericsson


From the Principal

Holiday Greetings! December 2017

Dear parents and students,

Our autumn term 2017 is coming to a close and we are looking forward to celebrating our students’ success at our traditional end of term assemblies on the last day of term on Thursday 21st December.

Our school targets this year are strongly focused on our ability to Listen, Learn and Lead in all areas of school  life. The student council have already played a key role in making the student voice heard and listened to. Thank you!

Our students have shown a very positive attitude this term, showing grit and determination in all that they do resulting in great academic and social achievements. Well done!

On behalf of all  students I would like to thank our professional and devoted teachers and staff at IEST who work so hard to listen, support and engage with our students at IEST. At IEST the staff really believe in seeing the  “best in everyone.” Thank you!

The Christmas holiday time is a perfect time to rest and to reflect on goals reached and new goals to strive for next term. Please remember that learning is a lifelong journey, so it is never too late to try new ways to get to your journey’s end.  How about joining me in reading a book or two over the Christmas break which is always a great holiday activity as reading is such fun!

Finally, on behalf of the management and staff we wish everyone a well deserved rest and lots of quality time together.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the new year with all its possibilities for new year’s resolutions, creativity and success in 2018.

Welcome back to school on 9th January 2018.

Carpe Diem.

Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IESTäby

From the Principal

The Principal's blog August 2017

Dear Parents, students and staff,

We would like to welcome everyone back to school on Monday 21st August to start the school year of 2017-18 at IESTäby. I would also like to extend my delight in all the new students joining us this year and in particular the new year 4 students and their families.

We have established some important traditions at our school where starting with a year assembly and time with your mentors is the start of our welcoming process. After the more ceremonial welcome we move to the team building fun, including “The Clash” class competition where the winning mentor class is presented with  the school’s prestigious trophy!

I am now starting my seventh year as Principal at IEST and was very proud to hear back from the Swedish school inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) in June 2017 that we had passed the inspection back in May 2017 without a single question or issue of concern. We know we have a wonderful school both academically and socially which is reflected in our results and the atmosphere in school and furthermore in our very good support from parents and families at our school. At IES we believe in quality and have an annual quality development plan for our school which is based on the analysis of our surveys and academic results including discussion and feedback from parents, students and staff. I believe most strongly in a Listen, Learn and Lead approach to development at our school. The school focus for 2017-18 is continuing to maintain and create “ A calm and active learning environment where we listen, learn and lead to help create “The Best in everyone”. The staff professional development programme for this school year includes shared practice in Bilingual Teaching and Learning

Finally, I would like to thank all our staff who have been busy over the last couple of weeks preparing for your return to school. I hope you will join me in welcoming all new staff to IESTäby.  This year we have new international staff from Canada, Ireland, the UK, USA, Jamaica, Holland, South Africa and Australia.

Welcome to another fantastic year at IESTäby. I look forward to greeting all students at our assemblies and meeting parents at our “Back to school Nights” over the next two weeks.

Ms.Gina Ericsson, Principal and the IEST Management team.

From the Principal

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to our IEST website. We are a very popular, well-established and highly successful school with 1200 students and 120 staff. Our striving for excellence and academic success over the last 11 years, is as all IES schools, due to our strong belief in the IES Ethos of Bilingualism, Tough Love and High Academic Expectations. As well as this, our school has its own qualities unique to IEST, as it is the IEST people: our wonderful students, supporting parents and outstanding and caring staff that make us who we are! IEST aims to be an Expert school in all we do. We never stop endeavoring to uphold the quality we believe in.

I would like to share with you my letter in the School Year Book to our year 9 students graduating this year as the Class of 2017. It tells you how our students are well on their way "On the road to success":

Dear Class of 2017,


“On the road to success, as IEST celebrates over 10 years of success 2016-17!” 


Congratulations on successfully completing year 9 and graduating after 6 years of education at IEST. 


It has been my pleasure to see you all grow up and to be able to accompany you on these 6 years of your journey and to be an important part of your individual “ roads to success”

As Class of 2017, you have also been inextricably connected to my journey as Principal and leader of our school. We started at the same time in 2011 and we have together all played a major part in the development and success of our school. A warm felt thank you from me.


Success can be defined in many ways and I believe having high expectations and perseverance to achieve one’s goals are key denominators in achieving success in life. We all have dreams and goals we strive towards, sometimes we need to fail or struggle to learn how to achieve success in our studies and life. At IEST the staff know that our students need to “wobble” as part of their learning process and we are here to support whether with the shock of all the English in year 4 or the move to Senior school with more personal responsibility for your studies.


Remember when you learnt to ride a bike, it takes time and after you practice you learn the skill for life. Learning is the same. To become expert learners at our school we continually challenge you to focus on your weaknesses and improve these to achieve your potential in all subjects at the school. I know that so many of you have shown grit and endurance in your desire to learn and be successful in your studies to have a wide choice of programmes at Gymnasium in August 2017. Well done.


Now it is time to enjoy your success achieved at IEST and to take with you as much as you can to help you on your individual road to success in life. This wonderful yearbook is a great souvenir to have with you on this journey, memories of special people and events that you will look back fondly on in the future.


A warm felt thank you to the students and staff involved in producing such a fantastic yearbook for you. Every year we see such creativity and hard work by everyone involved: True Grit!


Class of 2017, you are graduating in our special 10 year anniversary at IEST. On behalf of all the staff at IEST we wish you lots of success in the future whatever you decide to achieve or wherever you decide to go on the road to success. Remember travelling on the road itself is learning for life and how important it is to never give up. In the wise words of Winston Churchill: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”


Good Luck Class of 2017


Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IEST

From the Principal

Greetings from the Principal - May 2016

What a busy, yet fun time of year at IEST! Our students are working so hard on their school work,  showing great study skills in taking part in their National tests, term grades and assessments with final grades for year 9.

As always the end is also packed with educational visits to museums, Sports days and "Skapande Skola" activities. We are looking forward to our annual celebrations at the end of school year in our assemblies and Graduation for the class of 2016 at the Aula Medica.

We are delighted that our PTA have organised their annual "Prom" for our year 9 students on June 10th evening. A glittering occasion to look forward to after 6 wonderful years at our school. Both our year 9 students and year 6 students are invited to a formal leaver's lunch, yes our year 6 students are moving over to the Senior school in August, time to say farewell and say thank you to mentors and teachers.  They are most welcome at Senior school and we are already  preparing fun team building activities for them when they start year 7 in August.

Last, but not least we have our annual charity initiatives coming up soon,  a "dagsverket"  at Senior school and a talent Show on 2nd June for Junior school.  More news to come..


Let's hope the sun shines now so we can really enjoy all these events with a smile!

From the Principal

Welcome Back to IEST - Spring 2016!

Dear students and parents,

On behalf of the staff and the management team we would like to welcome students back to the start of the spring term. We are looking forward to a wonderful term full of different learning experiences for students on their journey to become expert learners.

We plan to continue to develop our successful launch of the House system and shortly we will be displaying our House flags around school inspired by our student designs.

Thank you for a first great week to the term.

Carpe Diem!

Best regards

Ms. Gina Ericsson


From the Principal

Season's Greetings

Dear Students, Parents and Staff,

I am so proud of the amazing progress and achievements of all our students this term. Our Academic results continue to improve showing how our students are developing in to expert learners in all their subjects.
Well done!

An enormous thank you to the creativity and professionalism of my teaching staff in motivating and guiding our students to this success.
Thank you!

I am delighted that the launch of our new house system has been so successful this term. A special thank you to Mr. Whiteroad and Mr. Fenton for all they have organised this term for our weekly meetings. Another thank you to the teachers who have lead each house and last, but not least a big thank you to our fantastic students who have taken on the House Captain roles with such responsibility.
Well done!

I wish everyone a peaceful and restful winter holiday.
I hope you have time to enjoy a relaxing and quality time with family and friends.

Wishing you all Season's Greetings
Ms. Gina Ericsson and the IEST Management team

From the Principal

Principal’s Greetings November 2015

Welcome back after the Autumn Break.

On behalf of myself and the management team we welcome back all our students for the second half of our autumn term.

IEST an Expert School?

Our focus for the school year is to be an “Expert School with Expert teachers and Expert learners” and with this in mind what a fantastic start we have had to the school year 2015-16. Our students have won academic awards in IES for their great achievements in National tests, students have participated in several “skapande skola” activities including visits to museums and taking part in guest author workshops in school and what is most pleasing of all is how our students are showing such great focus and success in their studies so far this school year, as confirmed at the positive and rewarding SPTs before the break. 

Which House do you belong to? Shakespeare, Lindgren, Da Vinci or Curie?

I have noticed a lovely change in the atmosphere in the hallways this year, a welcome change of friendship across year groups with interest and excitement for our new house system, where students keenly follow their own House’s merit points every month and look forward to meeting with their house groups on Friday mornings. We have more to come as the houses have chosen their shields and mottos which will be made in to flags to be displayed around school. 

What’s happening next?

We have a lot to look forward to this term in the run up to Christmas. Our year 8s and 9s will have an opportunity to go out on invaluable work experience, our year 9s will visit the “Gymnasiemässan” at Älvsjö, and we have over 100 students in the choir for both junior and senior school preparing for our annual Lucia concerts in December.

The next key event we are preparing for is our annual Open House by invitation to prospective students in our queue for year 4 for August 2016 which is taking place on Saturday 14th November. This is when children in our queue have an opportunity to come in on a Saturday morning to try out lessons in junior school, look around the school and meet with teachers and some of our students.

While writing this blog, the autumnal colours are a beautiful reminder of this wonderful time of year

We are looking forward to a great rest of the term and know that the Christmas and winter break will be here much quicker than we know. A warm thank you to all our students, parents and staff who make our school the wonderful place for learning it has become…


Best Regards,

Ms. Gina Ericsson, Principal

From the Principal

August 2015

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back to the school year 2015-16

What a lovely few sunny days we have had this week. Our staff at IEST have been working hard preparing for you this week for the start of the school year 2015-16 on Monday 17th August.


Expert teaching and learning at IEST

This year we plan to have a great focus on our professional development as educators now having 12 förstelärare helping us focus on sharing our expertise in the classroom. We believe very much that all our students can be expert learners if we as teachers are experts in teaching, creating a learning environment where  deliberative practice prevails. As part of this development for the teaching staff we are running the Swedish government programme for Literacy development “Läslyftet” and the Cambridge University programme for Bilingual teaching and learning.

Once again we have some new International staff arriving from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada and Australia. They have had two weeks of introduction and are now ready and really looking forward to meeting and teaching our students at IEST.


IEST News and update

Assistant Principal

We are delighted to announce that Mr Alex Flynn is taking on the Assistant Principal position at senior school on his return from paternity leave last term. Mr. Flynn our experienced Science teacher and Academic Coordinator is a well-established member of the IES organization and an asset to our school well known to students and parents alike.


School improvements

Junior school refurbishments include painting all the classrooms and corridors, new air conditioning in the nurse and counselor area and new equipment including a new pool table in the student room.

Senior school has had all the toilets repainted in bright inviting colours with new ceiling lighting. All classroom and corridors have also been repainted during the summer cleaning.

We are opening a new gym in senior school for students and staff – a work in process but a wonderful health initiative at the school.


House System Launch

We are excited to be launching our new House system mixed years 4-6 and 7-9 with weekly House tutor times.

School competitions and merits are to be linked to our Approaches to Learning (ATLs). This is a wonderful way to encourage unity and develop leadership and mentoring skills in a positive way, well proven in International schools.

IT investments

Over the summer we have upgraded our wifi system with new Aruba routers in both junior and senior school as we need to cater for all the new IT devices purchased this year.

We have new IPad minis, MacAirs and Chrome books for students and staff. We will continue to work in our Google environment with the benefits of easy sharing on Google drive and Google classroom. However we have also a close partners with the Apple Store in Täby for our Mac and IPad teaching and training.

Time to start the school year! 

On behalf of the Management team and staff we wish all our students and parents a most warm welcome to the new school year 2015-16.


Best Regards,

Ms Gina Ericsson




From the Principal

Principal's Update March 2015

Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome in to school again for our SPTs next week! We always enjoy opening our doors to our parents and know that our teachers have been very busy preparing extensive feedback, using our matrix system on school soft for you to discuss with your children and with their mentors. It is important to reflect on one’s achievements so far and to set up new goals and expectations for the end of term.

I am delighted that our students show such wonderful progress and academic achievement and I am sure they can sustain this “learning for life” approach throughout their time at our school and beyond…


We would also like to remind you of taking part in our annual survey, as we do appreciate your feedback so we can maintain and where necessary improve the quality of our school. This can be done by logging into school soft with your parent details from home, or you can fill in the survey which takes less than 5 minutes when you come in for the SPTS. We will have laptops set up for you to use in both junior and senior where there will also be a “fika” to enjoy. Thank you!

Work hard and play hard

As I am always reminding our IEST family, we work hard and we play hard. Once again our school has hosted two very well supported and successful events by the PTA for both junior school and senior school. First we had the junior school “Valentine’s disco held at senior school in February. The students had great fun dancing to our own year 8 DJ! Last weekend we held the annual LAN party and again we had over 150 students interacting with games on their computers all night. This is such a well- organized event now thanks to the support of the PTA, parents, students in the LAN crew and our staff. It is quite an amazing event to watch and I am so proud of our students’ great behavior and respect for our school, as well as the mixing between the year groups 7-9.

Thank you staff

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful staff, who are so dedicated and professional giving our students the support and inspiration they need to succeed. Thank you staff!

Happy Easter Break

Only one week to go before the Easter break! I am hoping like everyone else that our sunshine and the springtime will return for us to relax and recharge our batteries for the final leg of the race leading up to Graduation and the end of the school year in the beginning of June.

We look forward to meeting you next week in school.

Ms. Gina Ericsson and the IEST Management team