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From the Principal

Season's Greetings

Dear Students, Parents and Staff,

I am so proud of the amazing progress and achievements of all our students this term. Our Academic results continue to improve showing how our students are developing in to expert learners in all their subjects.
Well done!

An enormous thank you to the creativity and professionalism of my teaching staff in motivating and guiding our students to this success.
Thank you!

I am delighted that the launch of our new house system has been so successful this term. A special thank you to Mr. Whiteroad and Mr. Fenton for all they have organised this term for our weekly meetings. Another thank you to the teachers who have lead each house and last, but not least a big thank you to our fantastic students who have taken on the House Captain roles with such responsibility.
Well done!

I wish everyone a peaceful and restful winter holiday.
I hope you have time to enjoy a relaxing and quality time with family and friends.

Wishing you all Season's Greetings
Ms. Gina Ericsson and the IEST Management team

From the Principal

Principal’s Greetings November 2015

Welcome back after the Autumn Break.

On behalf of myself and the management team we welcome back all our students for the second half of our autumn term.

IEST an Expert School?

Our focus for the school year is to be an “Expert School with Expert teachers and Expert learners” and with this in mind what a fantastic start we have had to the school year 2015-16. Our students have won academic awards in IES for their great achievements in National tests, students have participated in several “skapande skola” activities including visits to museums and taking part in guest author workshops in school and what is most pleasing of all is how our students are showing such great focus and success in their studies so far this school year, as confirmed at the positive and rewarding SPTs before the break. 

Which House do you belong to? Shakespeare, Lindgren, Da Vinci or Curie?

I have noticed a lovely change in the atmosphere in the hallways this year, a welcome change of friendship across year groups with interest and excitement for our new house system, where students keenly follow their own House’s merit points every month and look forward to meeting with their house groups on Friday mornings. We have more to come as the houses have chosen their shields and mottos which will be made in to flags to be displayed around school. 

What’s happening next?

We have a lot to look forward to this term in the run up to Christmas. Our year 8s and 9s will have an opportunity to go out on invaluable work experience, our year 9s will visit the “Gymnasiemässan” at Älvsjö, and we have over 100 students in the choir for both junior and senior school preparing for our annual Lucia concerts in December.

The next key event we are preparing for is our annual Open House by invitation to prospective students in our queue for year 4 for August 2016 which is taking place on Saturday 14th November. This is when children in our queue have an opportunity to come in on a Saturday morning to try out lessons in junior school, look around the school and meet with teachers and some of our students.

While writing this blog, the autumnal colours are a beautiful reminder of this wonderful time of year

We are looking forward to a great rest of the term and know that the Christmas and winter break will be here much quicker than we know. A warm thank you to all our students, parents and staff who make our school the wonderful place for learning it has become…


Best Regards,

Ms. Gina Ericsson, Principal

From the Principal

August 2015

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back to the school year 2015-16

What a lovely few sunny days we have had this week. Our staff at IEST have been working hard preparing for you this week for the start of the school year 2015-16 on Monday 17th August.


Expert teaching and learning at IEST

This year we plan to have a great focus on our professional development as educators now having 12 förstelärare helping us focus on sharing our expertise in the classroom. We believe very much that all our students can be expert learners if we as teachers are experts in teaching, creating a learning environment where  deliberative practice prevails. As part of this development for the teaching staff we are running the Swedish government programme for Literacy development “Läslyftet” and the Cambridge University programme for Bilingual teaching and learning.

Once again we have some new International staff arriving from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada and Australia. They have had two weeks of introduction and are now ready and really looking forward to meeting and teaching our students at IEST.


IEST News and update

Assistant Principal

We are delighted to announce that Mr Alex Flynn is taking on the Assistant Principal position at senior school on his return from paternity leave last term. Mr. Flynn our experienced Science teacher and Academic Coordinator is a well-established member of the IES organization and an asset to our school well known to students and parents alike.


School improvements

Junior school refurbishments include painting all the classrooms and corridors, new air conditioning in the nurse and counselor area and new equipment including a new pool table in the student room.

Senior school has had all the toilets repainted in bright inviting colours with new ceiling lighting. All classroom and corridors have also been repainted during the summer cleaning.

We are opening a new gym in senior school for students and staff – a work in process but a wonderful health initiative at the school.


House System Launch

We are excited to be launching our new House system mixed years 4-6 and 7-9 with weekly House tutor times.

School competitions and merits are to be linked to our Approaches to Learning (ATLs). This is a wonderful way to encourage unity and develop leadership and mentoring skills in a positive way, well proven in International schools.

IT investments

Over the summer we have upgraded our wifi system with new Aruba routers in both junior and senior school as we need to cater for all the new IT devices purchased this year.

We have new IPad minis, MacAirs and Chrome books for students and staff. We will continue to work in our Google environment with the benefits of easy sharing on Google drive and Google classroom. However we have also a close partners with the Apple Store in Täby for our Mac and IPad teaching and training.

Time to start the school year! 

On behalf of the Management team and staff we wish all our students and parents a most warm welcome to the new school year 2015-16.


Best Regards,

Ms Gina Ericsson




From the Principal

Principal's Update March 2015

Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome in to school again for our SPTs next week! We always enjoy opening our doors to our parents and know that our teachers have been very busy preparing extensive feedback, using our matrix system on school soft for you to discuss with your children and with their mentors. It is important to reflect on one’s achievements so far and to set up new goals and expectations for the end of term.

I am delighted that our students show such wonderful progress and academic achievement and I am sure they can sustain this “learning for life” approach throughout their time at our school and beyond…


We would also like to remind you of taking part in our annual survey, as we do appreciate your feedback so we can maintain and where necessary improve the quality of our school. This can be done by logging into school soft with your parent details from home, or you can fill in the survey which takes less than 5 minutes when you come in for the SPTS. We will have laptops set up for you to use in both junior and senior where there will also be a “fika” to enjoy. Thank you!

Work hard and play hard

As I am always reminding our IEST family, we work hard and we play hard. Once again our school has hosted two very well supported and successful events by the PTA for both junior school and senior school. First we had the junior school “Valentine’s disco held at senior school in February. The students had great fun dancing to our own year 8 DJ! Last weekend we held the annual LAN party and again we had over 150 students interacting with games on their computers all night. This is such a well- organized event now thanks to the support of the PTA, parents, students in the LAN crew and our staff. It is quite an amazing event to watch and I am so proud of our students’ great behavior and respect for our school, as well as the mixing between the year groups 7-9.

Thank you staff

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful staff, who are so dedicated and professional giving our students the support and inspiration they need to succeed. Thank you staff!

Happy Easter Break

Only one week to go before the Easter break! I am hoping like everyone else that our sunshine and the springtime will return for us to relax and recharge our batteries for the final leg of the race leading up to Graduation and the end of the school year in the beginning of June.

We look forward to meeting you next week in school.

Ms. Gina Ericsson and the IEST Management team


From the Principal

Seasons’ Greetings!

Seasons’ Greetings!

I’m always surprised at how quickly December comes around each year - but here it is again!

The end of term is always a busy affair, with much going on for students, staff, and parents - both in and out of school.

We are rehearsing for our traditional Lucia performances tomorrow with the largest participation of students in our choir ever! A wonderful occasion not to be missed. Our teachers are finalising the term grades and our year 9s are out on PRAO experiencing a taste of the real working world to come.


Challenges for Students -Going the extra mile at IEST with Cambridge

Our students are exceptionally keen, and always trying to push themselves further: the IGCSEs offered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE, www.cie.org.uk) are a route selected by many at IEST! 

Not only do they challenge students further, they provide our students with internationally recognised credit for their higher levels of knowledge and skills in subjects such as English (First or Second Language), Maths, Science, French, Spanish, and German. 

Our IGCSE Coordinator, Ms Carla Hartburn will be going out with information to all students in years 8 and 9 in the near future, but please do contact her if you have any questions!


Staff Development - IEST in partnership with Cambridge International Education

It isn’t just the students that CIE support! Following our trip to the Cambridge Schools Conference in September, Mr Alex Flynn is working through the accreditation process required for IEST to become a Cambridge Professional Development Centre, the first in Sweden!

The goal of this is that our staff would then be able to work towards CIE’s Certificate and Diploma in Teaching Bilingual Learners; helping them to become even better at supporting our students, and giving them the recognition for the skills they already have. 

Also inspired by the conference, Mr Matthew Ward has been coordinating the school’s in-house professional development this term, supported by Ms Rebecca Thompson, Ms Elle Barton, and Mr Flynn. 

Teachers have been looking at Inspiring Teaching and Learning Power, and been in each others classrooms observing lessons and learning from each other. There is a lot of excellent teaching going on at IEST - peer observations give our teachers opportunity to learn from each other.


Success and time for the winter holiday

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our students on their achievements and success this term. I am sure you would like me to thank your teachers and the staff for all their support this term. We have a wonderful school - thanks to everyone’s amazing efforts and teamwork!

Wishing you all a relaxing and enjoyable winter holiday with family and friends and a Happy New Year!

Welcome back to students on 8th January for the spring term 2015!


Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IEST



From the Principal

November Greetings!

Sunshine at IEST

It may be dark and grey outside in November, but every day I am greeted by smiling faces and small moments of sunshine in our school. There are always so many interesting and creative activities going on in and outside of the classrooms in junior and senior school. We are privileged to have students who enjoy learning and are inspired daily by our dedicated teachers to learn even more! 

Open House Success at junior school

Last Saturday we had our annual Open House for next year’s new students for year 4. Over 200 students and their parents attended the event showing the popularity and success of our school. The children got to try out taster lessons, toured the school and met student from our Student Council.  It was amazing to see how many children enjoyed being in school on a Saturday morning and I know parents enjoyed the wonderful “bake sale” run by our Student Council. Thank you to all our staff and students for making this day such a happy and friendly one for all taking part. It was great and we look forward to welcoming all the children in August.

SmoothIEST at senior school

As I write a group of our year 9 students are busy preparing for the launch of our Smoothie bar at senior school. I am most impressed by their efforts and look forward to tasting their wares very soon.

More news to come…

Busy bees-academic success and going the extra mile

Everyone is busy this time of year with their studies making sure they do their best to reach their goals by the end of term. Our teachers are always supporting students in their studies, but we also provide extra support at our tutorials and in senior school we also have our academic catch up day.

Work hard Play hard

Our students work hard, but we like them to enjoy themselves on their breaks. A well as our student rooms in both schools we have now purchased 3 table tennis tables for senior school so students can play “ping pong” during their breaks. I am sure Junior Club will also be using them for a tournament soon!

Not long now until December and the winter break…so good luck students and thank you at to everyone at IEST for being my sunshine in November! See you all in the hallways soon!


Ms. Ericsson



From the Principal

Welcome to all students and parents at IEST 2014-15

A very warm welcome back to all students and their families. I am sure you will join me in  welcoming on board all our new students in years 4-9 and their families and in particular  the 180 students and their parents starting in year 4 at junior school. We may be one of  the top ten largest schools in Sweden, but we are made up of families with siblings in both  junior and senior school! We still have parents that have been with us from the start and  will continue with us into our 9th year at senior school and our 5th year at junior school!  Thanks to our mentoring system and close cooperation with our PTA we are able to keep a  positive and proactive flow of communication between the school and home, building the  smaller community within our school and its two buildings. Our school is very successful  academically and made up of amazing students and staff: a school for us all to be proud of  belonging to.

While hopefully everyone has been enjoying the fantastic and warm summer, our staff have been busy preparing for the start of a wonderful school year to come: 2014-15. Our international teachers arrived on 4th August for an Introduction Week and our returning teachers were here last week preparing for the school year ahead.

So what’s new and exciting at IEST this year?

New teachers and subjects

Management team update: We have a new Assistant Principal Mr. Anthony Taylor  starting at senior school, as well as Ms. Eloise Barton who is joining us for a year on the  IES management trainee programme (ASL). Mr. Flynn has moved up to senior to become  Academic Coordinator at senior school and Mr. Ward is now Academic Coordinator at junior  school.

Teachers: We have 11 “Förstelärare “positions at our school this year, increasing from the 4  teachers we had last year. This is a government sponsored initiative and we are very excited  about being able to increase our focus on teacher development and excellence in so many  areas in both junior and senior school.

New teachers: We are really looking forward to you meeting our new teachers in both junior  and senior school. We have recruited some very experienced and creative teachers from both  Sweden and abroad for this school year. Students will meet them on Monday and parents at  our “Back to school nights” coming up shortly. We are preparing a new page on our website  where you will be able to view where our teachers are from and at which university/college  they have studied for their teacher qualifications. 

Chinese: We are offering Chinese in year 6 for the first time as part of the Modern Foreign  Language option at our school and our delighted to have Ms. Cathy Ji Li to continue her great  introduction of Chinese for students and staff at our school. Life Skills: We have reintroduced Life skills in year 7 in senior school to be run by Ms.  Gabor our school counsellor. Ms. Carlsson and Mr. Martinez will continue Life Skills in year  5 in junior school.

IT Skills: A very welcome return for IT skills to support students with the skills needed to  use our school’s IT devices in lessons and our recent move over to Google drive. Mr. Hogg  our IT Rep. will be developing training for staff and students and will meet with our year 7s  once a week for intensive training in our IT Centre. Mr. Johnstone will be meeting with the  year 6s for a similar weekly training in our Computer room in junior school. We believe this  will be a wonderful opportunity to develop student skills in IT and improve their use of the  additional chrome book carts bought for this school year in both junior and senior school.

Career skills 4-9: We are delighted that Ms. Cassell- Berghagen will be working full time  this year to develop our career guidance programme throughout the school. As well as her  focus on our year 9s she will be meeting with our year 8s weekly as part of strengthening our  support in preparing students for their career choices ahead. English: We have added an extra lesson in English in year 4 to support development in  vocabulary in the subjects, especially Science, which are studied in English.

Science year 9: We have added an extra lesson for Science in year 9 so the students have one  lab and 3 lessons per week to cover the 4 subjects included in the subject Science at senior  school.

New and improved facilities and resources

The school has been redecorated and thoroughly cleaned over the summer and both buildings  are looking spotless and shining in anticipation of school starting on Monday 18th!

In junior school: New and welcome additions to the playground including bike racks and a  covered seating area, both requested by the student council at junior school. A library is being  created in one of the junior club rooms for use during lessons, breaks and at junior club.

In senior school: We have renovated the Art room during the summer to prepare for the half  classes in art. We are also planning to open “Smoothiest” a smoothie and juice bar in the  student lounge area, but need support and ideas first and hope to get our student council and  PTA involved in this healthy and popular idea...More to come...

The departments have purchased new resources too numerous to write about here; however,  one of the major purchases this year has been new Science books for the senior school which  are also available online for students to use at home. Our new HOD Science Ms. Hartburn  and her team are very excited about having these wonderful resources for their students this  year.

So much to say...

I would like to sign off by saying there is always so much to say. However, I will now save  some information for next week for the students to find out themselves. I will also save the  details of our academic success last year for parents at the ”Back to school nights”. We will strive to continue with our excellent school results and academic success for all  students and continue in our desire to create a school which our students, parents and staff are  proud to belong too! Welcome to IESTäby for 2014-15

From the Principal

Principal's blog- End of Term Greetings

Dear  Parents and Students,

 The end of the school year 2013-14 is now nearly upon us. We have a couple of days of celebration ahead of us now before the summer holidays begin!

We are looking forward to celebrating our year 9's success at their Graduation at the "Aula Magna" at Stockholm's University on Thursday 12th  June. This ceremony is a time for congratulating our students on their achievements both academically and personally whilst studying at IEST. Well done to our year 9s you have all done us proud! We will miss you, but we know that you are now ready to move on to the gymnasium school of your choice: the next stage of your journey on your learning for life.

For  years 4-8 we will also be celebrating your achievements and success at our end of year assemblies on Wednesday 11th June. We give out awards for both academic excellence and for Merits for positive attitudes to other students and the school. This is also a time for celebration time, where we enjoy the combination of Swedish and International traditions.

Our school has had a wonderful year 2013-14, with so many interesting events and happenings. What have you enjoyed most?
Our yearbook for 2013-14 with it's bold title "Making a statement" is a wonderful record of the school year and a fantastic group effort.
Well done year book team!

Our school is made up of our fantastic students and fantastic staff who always "go the extra mile" I would personally like to thank you all for your creativity and hard work this year. Well done!

It is nearly time to put on your " Ray-Bans" and buy an ice cream or sit in the shade, hopefully enjoying a new and exciting book.

Please enjoy your long summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you all back in school on August 18th 2014! Year 9's goodbye and good luck!

Happy summer holidays!

Ms. Gina Ericsson


From the Principal

IT Migration and contact with us week 17

Dear Parents and Students,

From Weds 23rd April -Fri 25th April our IT system is migrating to Google so the school will be experiencing some down time on our IT network. We hope to have our email system up and running during Wednesday 23rd April, however we hope you will understand that there still may be some slight delays in communication by email from the management and staff this week.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or in person by booking a time through administration.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Best Regards,
Ms. Gina Ericsson


From the Principal

Welcome back to school after the Sports Holiday!

Welcome back to school after the Sports Holiday!


Welcome back to school after the Sports Holiday!


We are always doing our best to maintain the high quality of our school. I always congratulate our students on their wonderful academic achievements and praise our staff and parents for your support.


Our school is very much us as people, but we do need our two buildings to work for us to achieve the best possible school environment for us all.


During my time at IEST we have made some very positive building changes in response to student, staff and parent input and ideas.


These include improving the outside facilities with all- weather pitches and well equipped student rooms in both buildings. We have invested in new furniture and changed classrooms to suit the subjects taught within.


Every holiday our staff renovate the building, painting new colours to make sure our school is an attractive environment for us all. The extra work on B house in senior school in the summer with the wallpaper murals was typical of our efforts to improve the school.


During the sports break we have been busy in both buildings. In junior school we have redecorated the area outside the gym with a new floor and IES blue- coloured walls! In senior school we have repainted key areas and also repainted some of our toilets. As part of our constant efforts to maintain a high standard of cleanliness we will continue the extra lunch time cleaning of our toilets



We work closely with our student council and we always discuss ways we can improve the environment. Sometimes it leads to investment requests for the school budget to enlarge the PE changing rooms and sometimes to more activities or seating areas for breaks in and outside of the school.


On the other hand we also discuss student responsibility for damage and the cost and problems of zero tolerance of graffiti. Having fruit allowed outside of the lunchroom has lead to litter and extra work for our staff. In senior school we have a fruit bin outside which has reduced the litter problem inside We still need all student support on this please.


I want us all to be proud of our buildings, not just the fact that we have modern furniture and open areas but that we treat them with respect. Our school is our work place and a second home as we all spend so much time here together! Let's enjoy our school and continue to work together on developing the environment for us all.






















Thank you to my caretakers and non- teaching staff who work so hard during the holidays and term time keeping our school looking so good for us all!


PS: Here's to an amazing spring term with so much going on academically and socially at school!


Best Regards



Gina Ericsson