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From the Principal

Season’s Greetings from the Principal

Season’s Greetings from the Principal


We are now in our last week of the autumn term and the winter break starts on Friday 20th December.

Students will be attending our traditional assemblies on Thursday, celebrating their achievements and taking time to reflect on their first term of the school year.


It is a time of celebration and a time to be proud of one’s achievements in school this term. We are all unique and we will have reached different goals, but that sense of achievement is still to be valued and cherished by us all. Well done everyone!


However  you decide to spend the winter break, be it celebrating Christmas at home or abroad or enjoying a winter holiday in the sunshine or snow, the most important thing is to make sure we all try and make the best of our quality time together as families and friends.


I would just like to end by thanking all our students for a wonderful term at IES Täby and I am sure you will join me in thanking your caring parents and the amazing staff supporting you every day at our school. We are a great school thanks to this cooperation and understanding between us all.


Have a well deserved rest everyone and see you back in school on 8th January 2014!


Vi önskar er en trevlig vinter semester och vi ser fram emot att träffas igen på 8 januari 2014!


Best Regards,


Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IES Täby



From the Principal

Autumn news

October 2nd 2013


The sun is shining and the golden autumnal colours have arrived on the trees and we are all noticing the colder mornings on our way to school. I have just walked over to junior school and was so inspired by the happy smiling faces and friendly greetings from our students saying: “Good morning Ms. Ericsson”.


The term is now well on its way and I just wanted to let you know about a few activities and happenings at both junior and senior school:


Visitors from Asia

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting guests for Täby Kommun, when 28 visitors from government departments in Asia came to hear about IES Täby and the free school system in Sweden. They were very interested in our school and the possibility for students to choose a profile like ours which is free of charge and also impressed at the maturity and English language skills of our year 9 students who were presenting our Student council and our school for them. Well done students!


Student Choice

In junior school we had an amazingly active Student Choice morning last week with children choosing a variety of activities, such creativity and enthusiasm was shown by a participating both students and staff. Thank you!


Chinese lessons

“Ni hao” is being heard around both buildings as we are now offering taster lessons in Chinese Mandarin for our students. Students can sign up in Choice lessons in years 7 and 8 and as an extra-curricular activity in years 4,5, 6 and 9. We have some teachers taking a class as well!


Inspiring Projects

We have many interesting projects going on in our departments right now, including a Media project in SO in year 6 with a movie clip advertisement about our school and in Swedish year 9 the students are working on presenting their dream jobs! Last week the Modern Language department invited several other departments to join them for their annual language week: Activities included taster lessons in different languages, new sports like Lacrosse and Apple Strudel in Home Economics and more…This was enjoyed by many and a great success. Thank you everyone!




Academic success

We were delighted to find out yesterday that our “meritvärde” (259.5) average points for the students finishing grades in 2013 were the highest in Täby Kommun this year!  Congratulations students and teachers and a great challenge for our year 9s to follow in 2014! Good Luck!


All our students in years 4-9 are busy learning and working hard every day at our school with teachers who really go the extra mile in always trying to create lessons that motivate our students and inspire them to learn! Keep up the great work every one and enjoy the glorious colours of autumn!


Yellow vests

Students, I look forward to speaking to you in the classrooms and around school. Parents, if you drop off your child outside school I am sure you will not miss seeing one of my team wearing our new yellow vests for meeting, greeting and welcoming students arriving at school.


Best Regards


Ms. Gina Ericsson



From the Principal

What a wonderful start to the school year 2013.

What a wonderful start to the school year 2013.











Dear parents and students,

What a wonderful start to the school year 2013.

It all started on a sunny August 19th with assemblies for each year group.

It is always a special experience to welcome new students and returning students after the summer holidays. So many smiles and eager faces filled with anticipation and some struggling not to yawn still not used to being up so early in the day!


We had lots of fun, enjoying the glorious sunshine at our Clash of the Classes where students compete against the mentor classes in their year group to be year champion in team building games.


Well done everyone for being so active and thank you teachers for your great support and taking part in the final races!


Over the last two weeks, I have also had the pleasure of meeting all the parents at our Back to School Nights.

We are always delighted that so many parents take part, recognising this as one of our key ways of opening up channels of communication with each other via information from management, mentors and feedback from parents.


I talked about "our school" and how we are all part of making our school a great place to learn and grow.

We are so proud of what are students and staff achieve and grateful for our parent support in making this happen and known in our local community.


We are a very popular school in the area and we will continue to make sure students and parents are happy at IEST and will continue to build our school spirit and sense of belonging in our different school activities throughout the year.


Dates for your diary:

PTA AGM on Thursday 5 th September 19.00, Academy, Senior school.

Junior school Carnival and BBQ on Friday 6 th Sept from 16.30- 20.30.

Year 7 Movie Night on Weds 25th September 18.00- 21.00.


Look forward to greeting everyone in the hallways, visiting lessons in our classrooms and meeting parents at the PTA AGM.


Best Regards / Med vänliga hälsningar



Gina Ericsson





Internationella Engelska Skolan Täby

Nytorpsvägen 7 183 53 Täby

www.engelska.se | gina.ericsson@taby.engelska.se


From the Principal

A very warm welcome

Dear students and parents August 2013

A very warm welcome to our new students starting in year 4 and welcome back to all our students returning to junior and senior school. It is wonderful to know that we are a very popular free school with a healthy queue wanting to join us!

The staff are busy preparing for students to arrive on Monday 19 th August.
We have worked hard over the summer improving the buildings and we are really excited about the outdoor sports area, with its all weather surface at Senior School as it is finally near completion!

As always we have some wonderful new International teachers joining us from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Germany and Australia as well as some excellent new Swedish speaking teachers. Much to our delight Mr. Ward, HOD English at Junior School and Mr. Whiteroad, PE teacher have decided they missed us all at IEST and have returned this year. Welcome teachers!

We had a most successful year academically last year with our highest meritvärde ever. We also had the best National Test results in English in Year 9, second in Maths year 9 and first in Swedish and Maths in year 6 in our IES ranking of 18 schools. Our students have just received excellent results in the Cambridge IGCSE exams including an A star in English First Language! Well done to students and staff- we have excelled in Academics and intend to continue to enable each and every one of our students to achieve their potential in life.


The IEST Management Team

We would like to share with you some of our hopes for this school year as we are a dedicated management team working hard to support and develop IEST! I am delighted to be able to welcome Mr. Paul McKay as assistant principal at Junior School as a wonderful addition to our management team.


Ms. Gina Ericsson-Principal

My hopes and dreams for our school this year are of course many, but I do hope to continue to improve the close communication between students, school and parents which is key to the continued development of excellence at our school. I also want us all to be proud of our school and develop our school spirit across the whole school.

Mr. Mark Dunnell –Assistant Principal Senior School

After a wonderful summer the Student Care Team in Senior School is looking forward to working with all your children this year, especially the students coming up to join us from last year's Year 6. One of our main hopes for the year is to help make the transition to Senior School for the new year7's as welcoming, happy and exciting as possible. We will as always be working hard to make the school a place where everyone treats each other with the mutual respect that we all deserve. The constant attention we give to the small details which affect our students’ emotional well-being help to create the conditions for each and every student to achieve their academic potential.

Mr. Paul McKay- Assistant Principal Junior school

As the new Assistant Principal for the junior school I am looking forward to meeting and welcoming all our students back after their summer holiday. There is an extremely positive energy buzzing in the corridors in anticipation to the arrival of our students. I’m here to help your children succeed and to create an environment that makes this possible, please do not hesitate to contact me and will look forward to meeting you all.

Ms. Pic Wartanian- Mentor and Student Affairs Coordinator 

Working as Mentor and Student Affairs Coordinator is a wonderful experience at IEST.  This year I want to develop, expand and improve our extra-curricular activities, and ensure we work on school spirit - so that every staff, students and parents all work together to prove to the world that IEST is the best.  My job is all about ensuring students are proud of the school, that it is more than just grades, that we are special community that cares about the entire student experience.  This year I want to celebrate even more how wonderful this entire community is.

Ms. My Odelberg Johnson -Academic Manager Senior school

My hopes for this academic year are to continue working on the quality of each and every subject to make sure we achieve the very best of the Swedish National Curriculum. There is no limit to what our teachers can achieve using all their experience and methods from all over the world! I also hope to continue the development of the student friendly examples of the knowledge requirements in order for the students to understand and be able to perform their very best in each and every subject. 

Mr. Alex Flynn-Academic Coordinator Junior School 

I am very much looking forward to working with my team of highly competent Heads of Departments and committed teachers to create a range or interesting and exciting learning experiences for the students.  My aim for 2013-2014 is to continue to see levels of achievement rise in all subject areas, by building on a successful 2012-2013 school year.  I would also like to see assessments made more accessible by including student-friendly versions of the knowledge requirements to help support the students achieve their goals.

We look forward to meeting all students at our assemblies on Monday 19th and all our parents at our back to school nights.

I am also looking forward to greeting all our students in the classrooms, hallways, lunch rooms or walking to and from the Junior and Senior schools.

Best Regards /Med vänliga hälsningar

Gina Ericsson


Internationella Engelska Skolan Täby
Nytorpsvägen 7 183 53 Täby
www.engelska.se | gina.ericsson@taby.engelska.se


From the Principal

Summer Greetings,

Dear students and parents,

We are now in our last week of term and students are looking forward to year 4-8 the end of term assemblies on Wednesday.

We are looking forward to celebrating our students' Academic achievements and success this school year.

Well done everyone - we told you that we wanted to inspire you to achieve your best and I know that so many of you have done just that!

So it's time to celebrate and

look forward to a wonderful

and restful summer holiday.


Year 9s have the football and leavers lunch Tuesday and rehearsals for the Graduation ceremony on Wednesday in preparation for the Graduation ceremony on Thursday. To be able to celebrate all our students in the same ceremony we have decided to move out of school and meet in the Aula Magna at Stockholm University.

I would like to congratulate our year 9 students on their fantastic grades this year and we wish them all the best at their choice of Gymnasium next year.


I would like to thank all our teachers and staff for their great work and dedication in inspiring you all to succeed !


Have a wonderful summer holiday! Welcome back on Aug 19th!


Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IEST


From the Principal

Principal's Update

Dear Parents and Students,

The Spring term is now well under way and students are looking forward to the Sports holiday next week.

I am sure whatever your choice of activity it will be seen as a welcome break to recharge our batteries in a time of winter darkness and colds and flu viruses.

Our students have had a busy start to the term including the first National Test for 2013 which was for Swedish in years 6 and 9. The students were well prepared and several have told me they were pleased with their performance.

Being satisfied with one's efforts and feeling supported to achieve one's best is what our school is all about. We all work hard together to achieve our goals and the management team,  staff and  students appreciate the support of our parents in this endeavour.

Parents, this can be your active use of school soft, concerns about the building or food or involvement in the PTA.

Already this term the PTA has put on two wonderful events for our school:

The annual ski trip to Romme was as always an amazing success with the addition of Junior school families attending over the weekend instead.

The LAN party which attracted over 150 students last weekend was enjoyed by all. A great example of parents, students and the school working together for our goals. On behalf of the students and staff we would like to thank the PTA for all they do for us!


Some other activities so far this term...

  • Our Winter Sports Day Senior school
  • Junior school ice-skating week
  • Junior school swimming week
  • Two Open Houses and workshops for new year 4 students for next year. Our students who came in on a Saturday and stayed after school to give new parents a tour of JS were warmly received and praised! Thank you.
  • IGCSE Entries for years 8 and 9 with over 80 students entering for the 8 exams available this year.
  • Visit by year 9s to gymnasieskolor as part of their choice process before February 15th.
  • Dragon's Den entrepreneurs visit to a company in Uppsala for development of their ideas...

  And so much more in the classroom...


On behalf of the management team and my staff I wish you all a wonderful sports holiday and  welcome back students in week 10.


Best Regards / Med vänliga hälsningar
Gina Ericsson

From the Principal

Season's Greetings

Dear parents and students,


Today we will be meeting all our students in their mentor classes and in our year group assemblies to celebrate the end of the Autumn term.


I would like to congratulate all our students on their hard work and positive attitude to their studies. A warm thank you to parents for your continued active involvement in the school. Last but not least a sincere thankyou for your enthusiasm and professionalism to our teachers and staff going the extra mile for our students.


Whether through organising a Dicken's play, taking a field trip to a museum, training a rugby team, leading a dance group, inviting in guest speakers, organising Lucia, starting a chess club or school magazine our teachers have in so many ways ( we cannot list them all here) been inspiring a generation to succeed in both school work and non curricular activities.


On behalf of the management team at IESTäby I would like to wish everyone a relaxing and peaceful winter holiday with family and friends.


Welcome back to students on January 8th 2013.


Ms Gina Ericsson




From the Principal

Welcome to SPTs at Junior and Senior School – week 45

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to our SPTs (Student , Parent and Teacher meetings) for this term during this week 45. In these meetings with the mentor all our students get an opportunity to reflect upon and discuss how their studies are going and to set goals for themselves in their individual development plans. We have introduced the Matrix system of assessment as recommended by the Swedish school authorities as part of our written evaluation of our students  and we hope that both students and parents will soon feel comfortable with this presentation of the subject knowledge requirements for the different grade levels. We are looking forward to meeting all our parents and extend our warmest welcome to you all.


Best Regards,

Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IES Täby


From the Principal

Principal’s Blog Autumn

Dear Students and Parents,


The Autumn colours have arrived in their splendour and we have already been back at school for 8 weeks now.


What has happened so far this term?


The Junior school BBQ and Disco in August was a great success and thanks to the hard work of the PTA, teachers and students, a great time was had by all. The changes this term have been embraced by many: the student room in Senior school and for year 6 in Junior are a great success and so is the food if the positive comments and emails from parents and students are anything to go by. I must say I am enjoying the choice of food we have every day and especially the salad/ vegetable buffet.


We have already managed to meet parents at our popular “Back to School Nights” in August, run two great Sports Days and last week we had all our year 7-9 students compete in DNs nutudsorientering! I hope all my students knew the answer to where the 2012 Olympics were held as I used this as my theme at our beginning of term assemblies!


Junior school students have already had a Choice afternoon, full of interesting and creative activities for them to enjoy. They are now like are Senior school students busy working on our “Dare to Care “programme and they have been asked to take part in a competition where they are asked to design our own school’s anti bullying poster which will be printed and displayed around our school.


Our year 9 parents and students have now been given important information from our student careers advisor on the choices that lie ahead for them next year and we will be organising for them to visit our local gymnasium schools in Täby and our own IEG gymnasium in Södermalm in January.


We have launched the IGCSE programme for our year 8 and 9 students for this school year and students now have up until January to make their entries through the school. This year we will be adding Computer studies as a new subject as we already offer, English First Language, English Second Language Maths, Science, French and Spanish. Over 90 of our students took part last year in these International exams run by Cambridge International Examinations and they have achieved very good results. Well done!


I would like to finish by mentioning our school's excellent results in the Science National Tests last year, where our students achieved the best results in our organization, receiving 64% MVG/VGs in their Physics exam where the National average from 2011 was under 40%. This shows we have great students who succeed academically and that we have professionally devoted Science teachers at our school. Thank you Ms. Nilsson and your Science  dept. for your hard work and inspiration for all of us to fulfill our potential at IES Täby!


Yes we are still " inspiring a generation" at IES Täby and I very much believe this will continue.



Ms. Gina Ericsson

Principal IES Täby



From the Principal

Season's Greetings from the Principal

Season’s Greetings to students and parents,


Tomorrow we will be joining together for our end of term assemblies in the senior school student lounge to celebrate the end of term and the achievements of our students this term.


Talented and creative students abound at IES Täby and we look forward to continuing our journey towards excellence next term, with exciting new challenges ahead for one and all.


I would like to thank all students, parents and staff for making my first term as Principal so enjoyable and I am looking forward to building on what we have already achieved together this term.


On behalf of the management and staff I would like to wish everyone a relaxing and peaceful Christmas break.


Wishing everyone a happy new year!