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From the Principal

Greetings from the Principal - November 2011

Dear parents and students,

First of all I would like to extend a warm welcome back to students after the autumn break, hopefully refreshed and ready to take on the new challenges ahead this term.

Student Choice

I would like to thank all the staff for organizing two extremely interesting days of choice in week 43 where students were able to choose from a wide range of creative and challenging subjects. New for this year, we offered taking part in creating a school yearbook where part of the task was to design a front cover for our yearbook for 2011-12. Another popular and very successful addition was the possibility for our year 9 students to choose the “gymnasium option, where they not only received information about their choices ahead but were able to choose to visit some gymnasium schools both in central Stockholm and locally here in Täby.

SPTs and New Grading and Assessment system

This week I am delighted to be able to welcome all our parents and guardians in to our school for the SPT talks with their mentor. As you are all aware, we now have a new school law, Lgr 11 with a new grading and assessment system which we will be using for years 4-8 this school year. At our SPTs this week, the students in years 4-8 are being assessed for the first time on what they have accomplished so far this term in relation to the new content in each subject and the new knowledge requirements in each subject. This is a new process for students, teachers and parents and we are continually training teachers and guiding our students in this process. We hope that the information we have already provided for parents at our “Back to school nights”, information from “skolverket” on School Soft and guidance from mentors at SPTs will help you as parents when participating in your child’s SPTs.

IGCSE Launch

We have recently launched the IGCSE exams for years 8 and 9 for June 2012. An initiative I really believe in personally and am looking forward to help develop at IEST. More information is available in our news section on this website and we are having an information meeting for parents on Tuesday November 22nd at 6.30pm.

PTA General meeting on November 16th 7pm

I am also very appreciative of our PTA and their enthusiasm to help us in the development of our school both in terms of fund raising and supporting educational initiatives. The PTA has organized a guest speaker, Patricia Craig, at their next general meeting on “National Culture and the Impact on you and your children.”

We have six weeks to go of the autumn term 2011, including our Lucia concerts leading up to the Christmas break. But now in November we are looking forward to meeting parents and students at SPTs and parents are invited to join us at the PTA general meeting and IGCSE information meetings in November.

Best Regards,

Ms. Ericsson
Principal at IEST


From the Principal

Greetings from the Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to warmly welcome all our students at IEST to the academic year 2011-12 beginning on Monday 22nd August. After a long summer break it is now time to focus again on school life with new opportunities for everyone to develop their potential in their own personal journey of learning for life. This year you return to a new school law Lgr11 which means all students in years 4-8 will be studying a new curriculum with new assessment and grading procedures, whereas year 9 will be continuing with the system they are familiar with from year 8. As your new principal I am very excited to be joining you all on this journey together with your dedicated and professional teachers and staff at IEST.

My vision is to continue to develop the core values of our school by developing the English speaking culture in our everyday communication around the school, as well as in our tuition in the classroom. Our focus on the development of academic excellence will continue as always by adhering to the IES ethos of “no child left behind” and a continuous dialogue between home and school and daily between subject teacher and student in a “no surprises” learning environment using the plethora of communication we have available today.

We will be continuing our efforts to maintain and develop a calm and safe learning environment at IEST which promotes creativity, respect and success for all our students. We are fortunate to have two wonderful school buildings which we should have great respect and pride in, where I have already seen the potential to develop some areas for our students over the coming months. I look forward to working closely with our PTA as I do believe that communication is a key factor in us achieving this vision together and helping our students achieve their personal goals in life.

This new school year sees an expanding school with more classes in both the junior and senior schools. This has given us the opportunity to recruit new teachers: native English speaking teachers from around the world, bilingual teachers in Swedish and English and native Swedish speakers as well. I am delighted with the positivity and professionalism shown by our new teachers in preparing for the start of term and I know students and parents will join with our present staff and myself in giving them a warm welcome to IEST.

Our areas of development include:

IT: After the successful implementation of our laptop carts we have decided to develop this use of IT in our school by investing in new laptop carts and IPad carts for classroom use by students and teachers in the senior school.

IGCSE: As we are an accredited Cambridge Centre with several IGCSE accredited teachers including myself, we will be increasing the subjects available for our students to choose from at IEST this year. For those students who are interested in taking this international examination organized by Cambridge International Examinations we will be having information evenings for parents and in-school information for students later on in the autumn.

Enterprise: In our efforts to incorporate the new curriculum Lgr11 into our school, we will be looking into introducing an Enterprise and Entrepreneurship theme at our school where students are inspired to develop their innovative ideas where we hope to involve our parents and the local business community.

Extra-curricular activities: We have some new extra-curricular activities available this term as with the arrival of new staff comes new areas of interest and passion which we can share with our students. This even includes an IEST school yearbook.

At our “Back to school evenings” in September we will be presenting parents with information about the new school reforms Lgr11, which the staff has been working so hard on over the last six months. Students will be getting information and support continuously in their year assemblies, mentor times and of course daily in their subject lessons.

An exciting new year lies ahead of us with so much potential for us all to fulfill our hopes and dreams. It is now time to start our journey together, so on behalf of all the staff at IEST, I would like to say how much we are all looking forward to welcoming all our students on Monday 22nd August.

Ms. Gina Ericsson
Principal IEST


From the Principal

Summer Holiday Greetings from the New Principal

Summer Holiday Greetings from the New Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

On behalf of all the staff at IES Täby I would like to take this opportunity to wish our students and parents a wonderfully relaxing summer holiday. Good Luck to all our year 9 students moving on to exciting new challenges at gymnasium and to Ms Jägberg in her move to the United Kingdom.

I look forward to meeting all our students both new and old when school starts again on August 22nd 2011. The SPT introduction talks will be held on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd August. Have a fantastic summer holiday!

Best regards Ms. Ericsson Principal

N.B.Information about start times for each year group for the Autumn term and times for your SPT talks will be posted shortly on school soft and the webpage.