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  • Summer Greetings from the Principal 2020

    Summer Greetings from the Principal 2020

    Täby 2020-06-08


    Dear Parents and students,

    We are excited to greet our students tomorrow for our end of term celebrations for years 4-8. As always in our traditional manner, we will be celebrating our success, ...Read more

  • Principal’s Greetings August 2020

    Welcome Back to school for the 2020-21 school year at IESTäby

    Dear parents and students,

    Welcome back

    We are delighted to welcome all of our students to the  IEST School Start with our traditional ...Read more

  • Final Update: School Start ASSEMBLIES 2020.08.17

    School Start ASSEMBLIES 2020

    Monday 17th August 2020

     We are  not holding our traditional assemblies this year in the student lounge but in mentor classes instead for all students to welcome them to the Start of school for 2020-21 ...Read more

  • Greetings from the Principal October 2019

    Från rektorn

    Dear students and parents,

    We have had a wonderful start to the school year. Yes, our school won the Barbara Bergström Best IES school award for 2019.

    Congratulations to everyone at our amazing school: to all our students, staff and parents ...Read more

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