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Från rektorn

Från rektorn

From the Principal

Principal's blog February 2019


The spring term is well underway now and both students and staff have been busy becoming expert learners and teachers.

Here are a few activities we have engaged in so far this term:

In junior school our mentor classes have been going ice-skating and to trips to the Army museum.

Year 4 are preparing for the Chess competition in March in Globen "Schack 4", a much enjoyed annual event, and parents are most welcome to join us.

School Blog

Year 7 English: The Book of Lost Things

Our incredibly brave Year 7s have been delving into the twisted and tortured world of John Connolly’s alternative Fairy Tale ‘The Book of Lost Things’. The culmination of a unit’s work on Fairy Tales, John Connolly’s world is full of danger, darkness and the unknown. Students began with time-honoured Tales from Oscar Wilde, of unselfish acts, heroes and morals, and have now travelled into the upside down. Into a world of irascible dwarves, half-human half-animal corruptions, harpies, trolls, a gluttonous and disgusting snow-white, hideous beasts and the terrifying Huntress.

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Vi anställer! Läs mer...